1. To work in a field and practice animal husbandry is an honor in the real Hebrew community. Even Jehovah’s Witness refuse modern Babylonian medical treatment. Herbs are for medicine. “And goat milk shall be enough for your food” raw milk is the key.

  2. I love all of you. We are one. I love this episode soooo much. It resonates with me. Just wow. I love you Leighton! Much love and respect to DEM

  3. I read a story yesterday from the National Institute for Health that cannabis has antiviral properties and can prevent vid from penetrating human cells. Cannabis therapy not pee therapy! 😂

  4. Such a powerful message from such beautiful beings! Something so special about listening to the truth, it resonates on every cell.. vibrant giants, I see you! Thank you 💫🤙🙏💛

  5. We have chaga mushroom that grows on birch. From my research it looks like chaga has the highest antioxidant level of anything known to man. Makes a delicious tea, I'm going to try it on some plants to see if any benefits are observed. You guys are crushing it, tons of respect.

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