Making a healthy difference in your life

Oil For Health offers various cannabidiol (CBD) ranges, and trained consultants to provide holistic assessments.

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Assessments done telephonically, virtually in person or via email are conducted to find the product best suited to your health concern.

We start by cleaning the lymph system, cleaning the blood and gut and then balancing the mind and the body.

Certain conditions may require an additional CBD (there are around 113 of them) for a particular issue, we cater for that too.

At Oil for Health, we are constantly studying and working with those in the know to ensure that we can offer the best fit of a product for a client.

CBD works at a cellular level, and so looking at your lifestyle, adding in a product that is the best fit for you, can make a huge difference in your life.

Some changes to your lifestyle may come naturally once you start feeling better, we are always prepared to walk the path with you.

This is why we do consultations with our patients; we then work out which of our products they need, and get the whole body healthy.

What is the point of buying something at the pharmacy, that the pharmacist or shop assistant know very little about?

Is the product even made from the right strain and will it help your condition?

Do you know if there will be an interaction with any other medications that you may be taking, and wouldn’t you rather heal the body and wean off medications?

If you choose not to wean off your chemical medication that is acceptable, we will guide you to the best method of usage of both.

Some of our products incorporate essential oils, and we also provide a range of natural vitamins and supplements that work well with CBD.

At Oil For Health, we can treat pain, stress, insomnia.

Some products work better together, and sometimes it is better to treat an issue topically and orally.

We generally recommend several products from our range to heal, not just treat, the illness.

We treat a lot of diseases, from acne, vertigo, cancer, pain, insomnia, arthritis, high blood pressure.

Humans are not the only ones who benefit from our products dogs, cats, birds, rhino’s, horse’s cows benefit as well, basically anything with a skeleton.

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