Pain From Cancer, Frustration and Now I Can't Breath ! One Easy Task Turns Into a Week of Suffering

Living with stage four metastatic breast cancer that has spread to my spine and bones, leaves me with pain everyday, so when …


  1. Omg!!! I’m so glad you and Bentley are okay!!! The new grand babies coming is awesome news, congratulations!🎉🎉🎉🎉Hang in there!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Jodie on the subject of towels I use a colour catcher and they are great my clothes are absolutely fine you should try it .congratulations on your coming grand babies so exciting for you both ‘are your towels soft as they look ‘my favourite colour blue ‘love seeing Bentley he’s so adorable his face is so cute lol ‘I have my hubbys assessment 12th please pray for good news for us ‘I’m really not sure about him taking new drug for disease , so sorry you had so much stress over your fire but glad you’re ok now your husband is a wonderful man he takes great care of you I love your story telling with Bentley anyway take care xx

  3. Hey Jodi I didnt see a link for ur towels so I was just wondering where u got them. I watched the video when u ordered them but dont remember which one it was. I love watching ur videos. Always makes me happy when I see u have a new one.Prayers for u Jodi. U are an inspiration for us.

  4. Jodi, I love your vlogs….even when you're just throwing a ball to Bentley! I'm so happy your new couch wasn't already up and out, or it would smell like smoke. You are in my daily prayers always.

  5. Please don't feel bad about the fireplace. Easy mistake. When I was little, my Mom left the flu open. A squirrel fell down the chimney. He was fine but he ran around the living room while we all screamed. We finally opened the front door and he ran out leaving little black footprints all around the room. My parents had no idea the old owners had not put a metal screen over the chimney. We re-tell the story over and over. Over the years the little squirrel grew to the size of a mountain lion….lol. I'm so glad your breathing is better. By the way, I love your cute glasses.

  6. I have been watching you a few months, really enjoy it, I have wondered why did you guys buy a different home and such a large one with you sick, it makes more work for you and so many bedrooms just wondered why?

  7. Hey Jodi🌹🙋‍♀️
    Those towels look creamy to me hun👍. The living room set is beautiful. I love it. Wow girl that was a lot of smoke to get rid of. I did the same thing with the fireplace flue many years ago. My eyes and throat burned for a week after that lol. I'm glad you are ok Jodi🌺. Your new home is coming together very nicely. Happy New Year 2022 Jodi & Ray💖🌴💙. Wishing you both a wonderful year from me freezing in Alberta 🇨🇦. Stay healthy & safe out there every one🙏💖.

  8. To help you drink red clover tea and eat a raw organic diet to help heal you but most importantly I call out to the most high Jesus Christ and his angelic divine healing team to take all your pain away and to place the lords hands upon you and heal you from all cancers in all forms may there be a miracle in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and may all the Glory go to thy King. Amen
    I will tell you that I am really connected to Heaven and God sent his Angels to help you. Be Blessed in 2022 with good health.

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