Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD | UCLA Health Cannabis Research Initiative

Pulmonary Effects of Cannabis – Donald Tashkin, MD, Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Inaugural …


  1. I smoke marijuana and when I use a water pipe the smoke from the marijuana solidify’s onto the glass inside the the water pipe. I have smoked a lot of weed and one problem that I run into often is cleaning my bong, because every time you smoke out of it it gets dirtier and dirtier.
    One concern that I have more than any of the mental effects are the effects of the tar buildup inside my lungs, because the same black tar that forms inside my water pipe is the same black tar that is inside my lungs

  2. First of all, Heck Yeah ! Go Majijuana ! Then Am in awe before such great minds and rigorous and assidue aggregation of information and the way they find rules and try to apply them to the most precise degree in order to extract valid and study based conclusions. I wish I could be that serious about enlightenment but at least I am able to appreciate it when I come across such a display so that's that. //

  3. Smoking anything takes away the one thing our lungs thrive for , Oxygen. Which we need to live. Impacting anything else on them , of course will cause short term , long term effects.

  4. Having excess mucous would be beneficial for collecting and removing particles and toxins breathed in the lungs having less Celia to be damaged or mutated by them as well. This is why your body produces more mucous when sick

  5. He fails to mention the medicinal benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids which are found to be antioxidants, anti inflammatory, and anticancer. Amazing how a highly paid university “professor” could release such a biased skewed and unfinished study. Wait actually that’s not hard to believe at all. I’ve been smoking cannabis for ten years chronically and only cough when I smoke (I don’t have a chronic cough AT ALL when not smoking unlike cigarette smokers) and I’ve never had bronchitis. Maybe one time but what normal person hasn’t. PS I smoke cannabis basically every hour or two and have been for years. Cannabis is medicine

  6. Use a water pipe and keep it clean with rubbing alcohol and course salt. It filters a lot of crap out, cools the smoke down, and traps water vapor in the smoke which is nice for the lungs. Gotta seriously look at your lung health if you're smoking more than a few times a day and maybe consider edibles.

    These studies are nice but don't look at a person's overall lung health as well. Cardio is good for you.

  7. I wonder how they tested the users…. They should have tested people who only smoke weed say…. A bong. Just a bong. And those who smoke just with pipes. And those who roll joints. Etc and see the differences. Idk just a thought. Since I only use a nice big bong.

  8. What if I smoke it through my nose. I make a blunt then crack a little slit through the blunt and inhale the smoke through my nose ? I get way more high this way than inhaling through lungs haha

  9. Everyone on here please stop smoking marijuana and tabbaco please because it catches up to you sooner or later and specially when you need your health the most think of your family they love you and need you around for all the good times

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  11. Sadly weed kills my copd but I still eat it theres a reason why doctors call it practicein medicine cause that's all they do .when they give u something for something they don't know if its gonna help or not its practice

  12. Thank God Cannabis Edibles are literally the safest ( strongest and longer lasting ) way to consume the drug. Sadly due to the bullshit war on weed most people don’t have access to edibles .

  13. My 43 year old wonderful hubby just passed away age 43 ! Copd , He was heAvy weed smoker just sAyin , he told me he smoked 4 lugs instead of one lug every joint all day all evening for many years when younger, and woke in night to smoke a joints he had ready too ! But what about the 30% who never smoked with copd ?mold maybe ?
    Also my mates dad late 40s weed smoker copd killed him too.

  14. Children exposed to SECONDHAND SMOKE are at risk of asthma, PNEUMONIA, ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS ) American Academy of Pediatrics. Much more information in Google and Youtube: secondhand smoke children Social distancing for smokers: SIXTY feet away from children ¡ Get out !

  15. Yet, there are other studies which show no difference in canabis only smokers and non smokers, another study states that if you smoke both canabis and tobacco, you are less likely to get lung cancer than tobacco alone. I feel like anti canabis studies choose the participants to reach a certain conclusion, using participants with the conditions pre-existing, meaning I can exclude all the participants which contradict my hypnosis. Like what's the actual total number annually of lung cancer cases for non smokers, canabis only, tobacco only, and tobacco plus Canabis….and the mortality rates for all. Then you would have an actual picture, not a hand selected group. Orrr…you could do what other labs are doing and measuring the actual effects over time and finding no link between lung cancer and canabis smoking in flower form (not dabs, concentrates, oils, etc..). Here's just one,

    now use your Google.

  16. Sorry I have no interest is smoking weed. Anything you put in your lungs other than air can’t be good. I think a lot of people who look at these videos are hoping they see validation that it’s ok to smoke weed. I think not. Although more medical studies need done.

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