'Smart announcement': Labor pitches high-speed rail between Newcastle and Sydney's CBD

The Australia Institute Ebony Bennett says it was a “smart announcement” by Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese on a proposed …


  1. It’s a corridor already highly developed and relatively expensive property prices. It can be debated if a high speed rail is a good idea at all, but if you do decide to build it it should be somewhere that opens up new areas along the route.

  2. Labor are liars and traitors. They promise public works but we end up with higher living costs, lower wages and nothing to show for it but social justice programs and having our freedoms taken away.

  3. I want to see him sign a pre election contract, that locks in the rail policy. Too many time promises are pledged at elections only to be discarded after the election. We need contracts to hold politicians to account and lock in promises.

  4. Hope Abbo won't allow Country come Under CCP Influence Via These Projects !
    No Chinese Company Should Involve in any Critical and Large Scales Projects !, No Loans from the CCP too !
    People don't forget the fact that Labor is Heavily Influenced by Chinese Communist Party ! And Labor wasn't care about Democratic Values but was ready to do Shady Deals With the CCP !
    Take Daniel Andrew who has very close relationship with CCP !
    Then MP Wong who is always supporting CCP by any means She can !

    Hope Abbo will give High Speed Railway Contracts to Japanese or European Companies Only If he Win !

  5. I’d like to know why the liberals are not pledging anything. Every second report on here is labour. Sounds like the weak liberals in Victoria as well.

  6. The labour government has failing with a high speed rail for the last 30 years, its a Labour marketing spin, they have funded so many studies for fast rail and committed to purchase land etc where is this at now.? the Rud Gov said the same thing with infrastructure promise. What they should have done is not started the NBN but dedicated that money to fast rail NBN has costed the Australian public over $55 Billion only to fibre to the node not to your house, how bad is that. imagine if you used that funding to upgrade all the train lines across the major capital cites to fast rail. That would have been a infrastructure plan. Labour Government has no vision for Australian future.

  7. The Australia Institute Ebony Bennett………………….

    it was a “smart announcement

    Of course, you would say this to any thing Labor said……………………

    Ebony Bennett is deputy director for The Australia Institute and a former Greens media advisor and regular contributor to the Guardian and the magazine of the Australian Greens

  8. We could start with high speed rail where there are large populations.
    Qld. Sunshine Coast – Brisbane – Gold Coast
    NSW. Newcastle – Sydney – Wollongong
    Vic. Melbourne – Geelong

  9. A train from Newcastle to Sydney, when there's already trains from Newcastle to Sydney. How about regular high speed trains to replace the disgustingly overpriced Ghan & indian Pacific

  10. Oh yay it doesn't mean anything to the parts of queensland that actually matter in an election that being from central to north queensland.

  11. It's not just the cost of building it is the cost of maintaining it and I don't think Australia is gonna have enough passengers to do that it's gonna be a humongous drain on the public purse.

  12. Woo Hoo! I can't tell you how much is is going to change my life down here in Melbourne. Just another "we'll change all our policies after the election" Labor promise. Bill Shorten is not going to honour any of Albo's right faction promises because Albo won't be leader come election time.

  13. Rubbish Albo. I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and we have had no train to Adelaide for over 1 year now. The electrification of the line to Gawler is put on hold as the north of Adelaide is a safe Labor seat. Labor is gone for all money at the next election.

  14. promised for decades , wont happen in my lifetime . firstly they need a separate rail corridor , new tracking , so land will need to be bought from some people , resistance then time and if they think the budget wont blow out , geez couldnt even get a light rail on time and costing.besides i think Australian politics will change , i dont know anyone who would vote labor or liberal again after whats been happening .

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