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  1. The issue isn't only that unproven supplements do nothing, but also that owners will use them instead of going to the vet while the disease is still mild, and as a result pets only get veterinary care when the disease is already very severe, and often irreversible. It's incredibly frustrating.
    Sure, if you can afford to use a supplement or whatever other substance in conjuction with evidence-based therapies, then go ahead (this only applies if the supplement in question will do no harm). But it should never be used intead of proper therapies.

    Apart from that, Blaire is correct when she says that if your dog is on a good diet, it shouldn't need supplements in the first place.

  2. You know blue-light blocking lenses are a scam, right? They're not supported by any scientific evidence, and in fact multiple studies have proved they have no effect at all.

  3. Fuck wow I wasn’t aware Nuvet had such an issue goin on. The paying breeders thing is 100% true, I have an aunt that breeds a few dod breeds and is pretty heavily into their products, and when I visited last august to stay with her she got a call from her nuvet rep that her like- code recommendations made her near $4,000 that period of sales, so a few cents my ass (it was like 3,970-something, she pushes her code on her social media’s and gets a kickback every few months I think, I’m not 100% certain how frequent it is). I was absolutely shocked since she definitely doesn’t tell her online fans she makes money from it and I had no idea she got paid either

  4. Thank you for finally covering PawTree. My mom is a PawTree hun and has tried to sucker me into it a few times. This was a few years ago, back before I knew it was an MLM (and what they are). Even then, something about it seemed off. I'm glad I know better now. It's just sad that people have brought their pets into them now.

  5. Look into Israel cannabis studies start in 1964 when receptor THC binds too as well as, our own endocannabinoid system. That all mammals have was discovered. So if you want cannabinoid research done by medical professionals with data its out there just all comes out of Israel. Also cannabis the plant has more documented information written about it, than all other plant species all combined together. So I think it time we stop saying there isn't even information, because there is. Though very hard to access in the United States due to prohibition. What we don't have a specific studies for specific diseases, yet, but is coming. That's what allows you to make claims. Yes, every other claim is anecdotical. Though the FDA, as well as the DEA, can't deny that the endocannabinoid system is how all mammals bodies maintain homeostasis. All CBD when given at the proper amount does is bind to what is called the allistaric site on the receptor and try to balance the hyperactivity or hypoactivity happening within the organ system and its communication to the brain through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Also, phytocannabinoids are just mimicking what our endocannabinoids do.

  6. When I moved to Mexico my dog was on 3 prescription meds costing me $300 a month for her appetite. In Mexico the vets (I've seen 4) said vets in the US often overmedicate animals which contributes to their problems. They figured out my dog actually has a thyroid problem (which she takes a prescription for) and they gave her 2 vitamins and supplements to support her health. She is 17 and has a better appetite than she has had in years (eats 3 whole cans of dog food a day). Sometimes the vet just hasn't found it what is really wrong or (as the vets here told me) the dogs are reacting to stress in their environment which is making them ill. I never had a vet in the US care about the mental health of my dog but every vet here told me how important it is to include that in their health plan. I've had animals have terrible disease which can't be cured, and it is heartbreaking. I feel for every pet parent desperately looking for help for their animal. Companies preying on this is vile and unforgivable.

  7. Someone should make a website for reporting these scams. The reports should have all evidence compiled into a proof of scam and the whole package shipped to the appropriate organizations.

  8. FDA has specific regulations to regulate the human dietary supplement industry (10 yrs ago). This came years and years after fighting Congress and especially Sen. Warren Hatch (fought against specific regulations because he was a partner is several dietary supplement firms). FDA does not have specific regulations on supplements for animals but still regulates them and can take action if found to be detrimental.
    If any “supplement” makes a claim that it diagnoses, cures, mitigates, prevents or treats a physiological issue, it is considered a drug with all the regulations behind veterinary drugs. Problem is risk. It takes money to go after things and if there are no complaints showing the risk of the product, it becomes low-priority. You have a complaint, report it to FDA.

  9. There are so many sketchy puppy mills and backyard breeders that don't really care about the health of the dogs they breed. Your best bet for good breeders is to check national club websites for a list of registered breeders (ex. Samoyed club of America). They have strict rules and requirements for being a member and is almost guarenteed to be an ethical breeder. Aside from that, a good diet (fresh/raw/human grade etc) and plenty of proper exercise will do more than these supplements will ever give you.

  10. I feel as if many people are unaware of how harmful consuming large amounts of vitamins can be for people and pets! SCIENCE TIMEEEE!!!! There are 2 types of vitamin classifications based on absorption… water soluble and fat soluble. Now you aren't going to run into many issues with excess water-soluble vitamins (ie B and C) because, as the name suggests, they are "stored" in water so you just peepee out any excess. The fat-soluble ones are where you run into problems because they store in the fattyfatfat. This means there is no easy way to get rid of excess fat-soluble vitamins. Which ones are those, you ask? A, D, E, and K!!! I remember them as "attic" because that is what ADEK sounds like… sorta…

  11. Just ordered the Makeship plush. Thank you for the informative videos and proper wormholes you've taken me down. Your videos are always informative and entertaining, as well as pointing us in the right direction if we want to do our own research. Thank you!

  12. Unless you got a sick animal just go for raw diet if you want full supplementation; dogs, specially pregnant females, benefit a lot from organ meat, raw bones with bone marrow, or oily fish like sardines or salmon. Same with cats, they get all they need from whole raw preys like rabbit, rats, goldfish/carps (feeder), quail, etc.

  13. I know this is bad considering the video topic, but the line "I hope this fucking kills Sophie" just made me lose it, I laughed so hard. In all seriousness though, kudos to you making this video. Nothing gets on my nerve like conflicting or confusing pet care advice, especially as so much is made up just to push products.

  14. Anytime I hear a study can't be found or isn't available to the public (even if you have to pay to read the article, it should still show up in a database as published in an academic journal), I immediately assume it hasn't made it through a peer-review required to be published. If the study exist, it either hasn't been put through the peer-review process, got rejected after peer-review, or the data and conclusions of the study can't sufficiently support rhe product's claims that made it useless for the company's purpose.

  15. my Astro, 8yo Dogue de Bordeaux, had a major knee surgery this summer.
    A chondroprotector containing glucosamine is a big part of the post-op in this cases, especially for dogs his age and size, but before prescribing it our vet run a complete blood screening and thoroughly instructed us on the regimen, the (very strict) dosage and eventual side effects/symptoms of a fatigued liver to keep in check.
    after the couple months of "convalescence", noticing an increasing in lacrimal secretion, we discussed with the vet an alternative joint supplement and we opted for raw salmon oil with green clam (same protection on the articulations, but easier on the metabolism and a lot tastier… my gourmand boy is crazy about it), again under a strictly controlled regimen and dosage.

    long story short, it's the same old story of supplements: always refer to a qualified and reliable health care professional before chugging random substances.
    it goes for humans and pets as well

  16. I know this is the pet mlm but the mentioning of Monat got me a good question. So you know how Monat make your hair fall out but… Did any of the ladies put it down there and got some results? Like is it better than waxing or laser hair removal? Just curious and a bit spontaneous to try it 🤣🤣🤣

  17. I use THC for pain, and there are some places that make THC:CBD dog oil. I tried one from a company that I use for my late dog when he was having bad teething pain, and he loved it. Granted, this was a healthy puppy with no prior health issues, using a diluted dosing. He actively refused it if he isn't having any pain, so I know it must have made him feel funny, but it does seem to soothe pain when he's having trouble with it, and he would request it specifically (he'd bring it to me).

    My new dog tried it once and has always refused it since, so I don't give it to him at all and instead give him crushed ice.

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