1. I bought the Utillian 722 based on your review at the end of last year. Portability was not a hot button for me but it is certainly easy enough to carry outside the house if need be. The quality, performance and price point all added up to a winner for me! Thanks for the reviews.

  2. To answer a brick shit house is the shape of a rectangle like a big strong shape person. In England 100 years ago house built out of bricks, many outside toilets built out of bricks .they didn’t have indoor plumbing.
    Built to last and still usable

  3. I’d say that a brick shithouse would just be inherently more sturdy than an outhouse typically made of wood. It’s not that it had to be sturdy, it was just more sturdy than a normal wooden outhouse.

  4. I'm still laughing,,, with you of course. Will you do a review about electric vapes, such as Da Budda from Silver surfer . I have one that I bought prob 10 yrs ago & I use it everyday. Mines kinda special, as it's Red. I worked @ a headshot & to try out all the new gear. I miss those daze.

  5. Very noble of you to accept our criticism regarding how your face makes most of us throw up in our mouths a little bit each time we see it! Have a wonderful holiday season! Some free stuff would be awesome and would most likely lessen the vomit, or at least make it worth it!

  6. Thanks for the review! Could you clarify what “a session” is please? For example the crafty battery lasts for 6-9 sessions. Is one session where you start at 180* then again at 190* and again to 200*? Or maybe one session is how long it takes to go through one of the capsules, before you have to reload whatever you’re vaporizing? Thank you!

  7. Bought a lot of vapes for beginners 😏😂 , at least ordered the mighty and a few months later the crafty , products of Storz & Bickel not really lookin good, but they do what they have to do ! And they’re doin sooooooo good !

  8. I am way late to this video and i am sure some one has answered this already but the expression "built like a brick shithouse" refer to something being over built. An outhouse was almost always constructed of plank boards like the one shrek uses at the start of the first movie and to have the extra expense of time and materials, to build a place to poop, out of bricks would be a waste.

  9. It's really simple it's not that the brick ones had to be built really sturdy it's that if a s*** house was built out of brick it was a lot sturdier than the usual ones built out of wood

  10. Because NOBODY wants to rebuild a shithouse damaged by hurricane, tornado, or fire.

    Utillian 722 owner here, bought from TVape shipping was super fast to the USA, rare for shipments from our neighbors to the north. I'm very pleased with the 722 and will be looking for another machine eventually. TVape has my business, great service and the videos make a huge difference for someone new to the vape thing. What a step up from combustion. Thanks!

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