1. George Soros Funded Antifa///Black Lives Matter///Never forget what Queen Elizabeth did to the Native American Children at Kamloop//Queen Elizabeth//Peter Thiels Ambrosia//ADRENOCHROME Link !!!

  2. The Adamic man came on the scene 6k yrs ago when God "recreated" the surface of the earth to prepare it for humanity. The earth is actually billions of years old and has suffered at least 6 surface extinction events.

  3. You have no cooking clue how Bitcoin is working. Its NOT going down. Its a decentralized system and NOBODY can shut down all the computers globally processing the transactions. Countries can only shut down big Bitcoin miners but not the millions of individual computers globally unlike your favorite XRP which is a central bank centralised crypto system. Please study more on this subject.

  4. I like your Intel, but would like to know how do you define a market crash ? 1 % , 2 % 5 % or 10% + in 1 day or 1 week or 1 month ? I sometimes feel like when you talk about crashes, I dont really understand how severe a crash you are talking about.

  5. I would give all I have for one, so tired of being awake all night, boo hooin, I'll keep praying for my healing, I do have Faith!! Thank you John for the info!! When I win my PCH, lol, I can afford it!!!:)

  6. Missed yall yesterday, was busy, hurting, lol, I can't wait for the beds!! My Christian girlfriend, said wait, no more surgeries!! I've had so many and my left arm is not working after 2 surgeries and 2 rounds of PT, I have a CT scan on the 27th, doc says we'll go from there, I have more metal in me than the bionic woman, lol, Hi Cirsten!! My fav truther!! Thank you for the awesome guest!! Blessings Patriots!! XXXOOO

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  8. Gimmick…. Yeah, EMF protection and light therapy can help the well-being of the body to a point. However, guaranteed documented proven healing of serious diseases and cancers? Probably not. For sure what it us NOT is the rumored reverse engineered/alien design assisted tech-real med beds people are dreaming about. People, save your money, best thing to do for health is fast, diet, excercise and get off prescription best you can.

  9. You need lots of money for these med beds which a lot of us don't have, I'm waiting on my warrior water that is made from volcanic ash it is a detox that gets rid of metals in the body, it has the same effect as c60 only cheaper all minerals that the body doesn't get this helps the body

  10. Hmmmm. She has just a couple names on their that I never saw on the flight log and I once had the whole list. Makes me wonder. Oh and I need the Keto stuff!!!

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