Video #1 CBD Oil for Cancer Leukemia Lab results Oct 2016

US Gov. Obtained a patent in 2002 for CBD to be used as a medicine. They site several research trials as to why they request this …


  1. 💙 I am taking the time to listen to your first Video 💚 Wow, I have the same thing and it makes two weeks I know…imagine I for one knows that I have had this a long time. 💛 Really could not understand why I was so tired. 💜 Thankyou for sharing your Health issues with people from all over the World 💚 Johanne Quebec Canada

  2. Thanks for sharing your testimony… I've got CML(Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) highest WBC I've had so far was (238) 238,000 last year. It's normal for me to have a WBC of 30-40,000… The Dr's at MD Anderson have been trying to figure me out since 2012 when I was initially diagnosed. I wonder how the oil would affect me. My red blood cells are normally stable. I'm currently on a oral chemo called Bosulif. I've been through the other five nibs and this is the last opportunity to stick around with the living. I've tried other natural remedies, but my bodies so sensitive to everything it usually over reacts and I end up with an extended hospital stay. I'm glad to see you're getting positive results!

    God bless you!

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