Video #2 CBD Oil for Cancer Leukemia Lab results Dec 2016

Im taking RSO by Cannativa 1:1 ratio. My red blood cell count is now normal my appetite has improved my glands are no longer …


  1. This video gave me hope … I've cried so much lastnight when I found out the person I might be in love with has it. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you💚💚💚

  2. Hi,I hope your improvements are steady & good. There is no magic bullet to cancer or any life threatening disease you must take hold of your environment completely from the toxins in detergents, colored toilet paper the artificial dyes, how much out door air you breath, how you breath which must be slow,deep,& quiet. When you shower imagine all your stress & fears clinging to the water going down the drain out to the street & away from you forever. Research "Earthing/Grounding" spend at least 30 minutes a day bare foot on Earth soil not grass, grass early in the morning with fresh dew moisture has a small electrical charge in it & when you walk through it you absorb it, leave it on your skin also. But Earthing is connecting to Earths Electrical & Magnetic fields. All life is a Bio, Bio means living system & REQUIRES electrical charging which is your blood plasma with sodium & potassium that is the battery acid when you are Earthing face the sun let it enter your eyes without any glasses on, no need to stare it the sun just face it & let it beam into your eyes while bare foot grounding. You must ingest strong enzymes a product called Beano is good & the enzyme Bromalin from Pineapple. You must detox & cleanse your blood filters kidney's & liver with Milk Weed thistle. Vitamin A is very very important drinking 5 pounds of juiced carrots a day is HOW you change your bodies environment like changing the water in a aquarium for fish. Cancer stops growing at 106 degrees the lights can be 17 to 24 inches away from your body if your skin turns red at all you are too close. Besides the infred lights you can also add RED 660 nanometer Grow Light L.E.D.. Drink only distilled water do not touch that well water. Place the distilled water in a quartz Crystal container or hang the light directly over distilled water bowl for 1 hour the water becomes charged by the near infrared light & you will absorb that photon energy. Place the quartz container in direct sunlight for 1 hour or longer that energises the water. Patrick Flanagan makes a water additive called Microhydron add some of that. Take a few drops of a Vitamin liquid called "Cellfood" you should read about Urine therapy because it is a natural blood purifier besides drinking it in 3 Oz dixxy cups at 3:30 in the morning you catch the mid stream not the start or end, add a pinch of either natural raw Honey or natural sea salt. You also must research Coffee enemas but most important drink as much distilled water as you can, energized water. Watch youtube vids by Dr. I forget her name put into you tube search doctor cures her massive breast tumor with water. I can tell you so much more but it is most important that your journey fulfills your spiritual needs. That is a message from the great sleeping profit Edgar Cayce. Funny thing about iron cancer does feed on it also Lactic acid as Dr.Gold developed Hydrazin Sulphate to combat that. But you also need some B-17 like almonds & other such seeds. At 102 degrees body temperature you have induced a fever & your imune system is now fully fighting disease at that point you must have enzymes above all else & plenty of water add 1 table spoon of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt to a gallon of distilled water. Dig up dandelion root in late August dry it out with 100 watt light bulb pound it with a hammer if it turns to paste, dry it more until a powder. Do not clean the dirt off certain microbes & mineral are in that dirt. Dandelion root is the same as carrots buy with a higher concentration for Vitamin A & Potassium. You also can supplament with Rene Caise Ojibewa Tea called Essiac Tea, Green Tea also has great benefit at 6 to 8 cups a day. Sun light is your friend bare some skin to it, & eat pouched or lightly boiled eggs, a dozen a day is FINE! Brown eggs not e radiated .

  3. Thank you for sharing your story!!! I was diagnosed with CLL 3 years ago, and now I'm at WBC 76000. Still feeling fine, but need to try something and have been exploring CBD Oil. So I really apprecate you sharing your information.

  4. Hi, this is awesome and I wish you the best. Are or were you taking any other treatment (ie: chemotherapy) along with the oil or are you doing just the oil alone for treatment?

  5. This makes me soooo hopeful !! My dad just got diagnosed with AML acute molar Leukemia he was hospitalized for 2 months and did 2 different rounds of chemo therapy he's gone through so much so they can tell us today on his birthday that he still has 40% of cancer.

  6. My Father died from cancer in 2007, I think more from a result of the radio therapy he was given. However there was a lesson to be learned I think. My Father was taking zeolite which was not really very expensive, cost me £100 per month. He had many cancer lumps on his body, when he returned to hospital for more treatment, they were confused as to why the cancer cells were collapsing, one of the lumps was gone which they did not accept, saying it could not vanish and instead noted that it had moved. They also asked life style questions, but did not listen at all to his response. He was also taking tablets to increase oxygen in his blood. He said he was given too much radio on that last visit and the nurse said he could drink as much cola and take as much morphine syrup as he wanted, I witnessed an increase in lumps and speed of growth. I think making your body alcaline is very important, bicarbonate of soda I think is a good start and is very cheap, avoid sugar which feeds cancer.. God Bless.

  7. you are an awesome inspiration for all those people out there fighting the good fight keep your head up God bless all of you let's beat this demon called cancer with Mother Earth ways of life

  8. Hello, my dad was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia. They are prepping him for chemo, and waiting for some more results from his bone marrow biopsy. my father won't refuse the chemo, i have been researching natural ways to help cure the leukemia. I have been making him eat raw garlic and drink beet and ginger juice. I was also researching CBD oil when I came across your video. I am relieved to hear your story. I was just wondering if you have researched cbd oil along with chemo treatments. what is your opinion? thank you in advanced. have a great day.

  9. What did you order from CBD and what dose? My father has CLL that's gone into his brain and formed tumors. The chemo plan is too harsh and will only yield a few months extra life. Do you think this or rick simpson oil could bring about remission?

  10. Cheryl, what a difference in you from October to now! Good for you in seeking alternative treatment. The lab results are wonderful and I hope you continue to stay well. Looking forward to the next video. L. Otis

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