1. I should be legal, Tennessee is charging me for healing myself of over 10 chronic disease's, hacked every device, preventing the truth by controlling http://www.bfreedindeed.net and allowing innocent American's to suffer and DIE knowingly and willingly, view gov/senator letter and other's with many to come! view 100's disease's cured or reversed Thank you B F Reed

  2. 113 he said there are pharmacological benefits to marijuana and I think the dipshit meant pharmaceutical. Pharmacological benefits have already been studied, proven and continue to be studied. Many states are already on the ball ahead of the game yet tennessee is held back because of the obtuse politicians backed by people who still insist on using a fucking phone with a cord, putting shit that smells like rotten tuna twat on their head to make their hair curl, an pay 65 cents in change with fucking pennies while there is a line continually forming behind them waiting while they chit chat about the 19fucking40s

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