With Stage 4 Cancer, Every Christmas Could Be The Last!

Each holiday brings with it joy and some sadness thinking that this Christmas could very well be your last. There is a feeling of …


  1. Aloha Jodi & Ray!
    Great that you had such a wonderful Christmas! You seem very content, and I love to see you like that.❤️ One of our daughters decided to come out for Christmas at the last minute. A great surprise! Some very stressful unexpected things have occurred recently, so it was a nice distraction. I’m playing catch-up on your videos, so started with the newest one first. It’s always a joy to watch you!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas love🥰♥️♥️♥️. Nice & quiet here. Sending you love warmth & prayers going into the New Year🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️♥️✌🏼.

  3. The lovely music is back. I adore this song. ❤️
    It’s been a tough Christmas for me and my family. We’ve just gone through the motions for the children. 💔

  4. 🙋Hi Jodi as always you look beautiful love your channel I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas 🎅🌲🤶
    I was wondering where did you get the gray sweater from? Its really nice.
    Wishing you a Safe and Happy New Year much love E

  5. Yay! So happy to see u! I’ve missed seeing u! I got spoiled watching you almost every night at bedtime lol So glad u got time with your family and hopefully you got to rest also. Much love sent to u!💕💕

  6. Say my prayers daily and I have put my faith in God.My Christmas was time that was spent alone with my dog and it was difficult of course. And I am really so happy you had a great five days of Christmas and I will watch you on Instagram tomorrow. I am tired myself I’m going to sleep no.

  7. Like you, ours was quiet by necessity as 10 days before I fell and broke my hip. I was fortunate enough to get home a couple of days before Christmas and promptly had a pity party for 1 on Christmas Eve Day as everything I found so easy to do in the hospital is 10x harder at home & how much of a burden I was being to my family as our house is anything, but, handicap friendly no matter how temporary.Then I thought of what you, Jodi and your family have been through and decided if Jodi can deal with something far more serious for years, I can deal with being unable to weight bear on my left side for a couple of months. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Hugs (the safe, gentle, caring kind).

  8. I have 4 kids, 3 of which are now adults. They contacted me before Christmas asking for no gifts in exchange for renting a cabin in TN. So that is what we did. 5 dogs total were with us. Loved it! No stress of shopping

  9. So happy ur Xmas was happy ❣️and don't worry about gunner they are beautiful, loyal protective dogs to wards there family and my friends had max who we called mad max haha he'd always love us to pieces. He never ever hurt anyone or bit the new baby so he will become ur best friend.😊Takes German Shepherds a while to calm down each time they see u but u just take charge and tell to stop barking and they become marshmallows 😊💖 Ur jacket looks absolutely super soft and u looked stunning in it 💞💗I love the way u embrace life and u have helped me get out of bed many days. Ur a star lady ❣️💐❣️so from a rainy ☔NZ have a beautiful day 🌺🌹🌺🌹

  10. Merry Christmas still. The season doesn’t start until Christmas Day and lasts until Epiphany when the three wisemen brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Those are the twelve days of Christmas. We don’t take our tree down until then! So keep in celebrating this beautiful season!

  11. Hi Sweetie! First of all, I love your faux fur coat! Really cute! I also love soft and furry/fuzzy coats and tops. I especially love "teddy bear" coats! Anyway…That's wonderful news about Hugo and your Mom! So happy they're doing so well. I'm really happy that you had a safe, fantastic Christmas with your family! That's always a blessing. We all had Christmas dinner at my son's house and played Clue after dinner! We hadn't played in years and my son had to refresh our memories by reading the instructions to us lol! My oldest son and my four grandsons live up in Tiberon CA, so we didn't get to see them this year but hopefully we'll see them all very soon. Your house is really coming along well! Little by little it will all come together. Then you'll finally be able to totally relax. Jodi, I wish you and Ray an incredible New Year filled with love, health, and hope (and prosperity)! You are my cherished new friend and I'm happy to be a part of your journey. Make sure to recoup from all of the moving and Christmas activities! I can tell you're tired, and rightly so. Okay, Sweetheart, see you in your next one! Loads of love and New Year's wishes!

  12. Hi Jodi.🌸🤗. So very happy you and your family all had a wonderful Christmas.🎄. Just myself and my son this year, but it was still nice . Wishing you and yours a Happy and Wonderful New Year.🎉🎆. Always in thought and prayer, have a blessed day Jodi.❤🤗🌸🙏👍. Hi, sweet cutie pie Mr. Bently.🐕🐾.

  13. Hi Jodi! A good friend of mine was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Do you have any tips on how I can support her and what she made need as she embarks on this journey?

  14. My dear Jodi I'm a newer fan of yours ✌🏻😀 and wanted to know when we are going to meet your daughter? 🌺 Or is there an older vlog? Nosy, I know. 🙈 Greetings from beautiful Switzerland

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