4/20 shines light on booming CBD business

In Texas, CBD has been legally sold since 2019 and the popularity is booming among local favorites like 8th Wonder Brewery, …


  1. The lord is coming accept him now as ur savior, pray for texas and get all of this drugs out here this story us horrible!! Addiction is horrible!!

  2. I was prescribed weed when I lived in Australia it made my life sooooo much easier. I suffer greatly do to stenosis and spondylosis. I was able to live pain free . There is no reason other then the almighty dollar this should be made legal for all !! But abbot will be paid huge kick backs from all the states around us to keep it illegal!! Just like with casinos!! All the states around us it is legal but the state of texas no no no. Because goverment gets huge kick backs to keep it illegal!! ABBOT STOP BEING A CROOK !!! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT WE WANT !! YOU WILL WIN THE ELECTION IF YOU DO !! IF YOU DONTXYOU WILL LOSE !!

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