Breeding for Medicinal Strains and DNA-Tailored Cultivars – Radicle Genetics – David Esser (EP 17)

Breeding for Medicinal Strains and DNA-Tailored Cultivars – Radicle Genetics – David Esser In this episode, Nick catches up with …


  1. David Esser is a very good Brother. I agree with Him 100%. I Am a Nazirite Rasta, and cannabis is Our Holy sacrament. It is a spiritual aid. We use it to meditate, write songs, and music, reasoning sessions, prayer, and before reading the daily psalms. It was created by The Most High God for Our use to uplift Our vibes, and love each Other, and nature more. It is a peace promoter . May the Most High bless David with all that He, and His Family needs, and then some…….Joshua Seven Thunders///////

  2. A few years from now you will be able to buy a pound of wizard smoke from Walmart it's not top shelf but it's $400 a pound made on a industrial scale farm all over the nation. bill gates likey owns 60% of the company etc etc it's on the horizon nearly inevitable

  3. I heard Radical Genetics and Pincanna were parting ways. Inability to get product thru testing and state regulations, and partners are not seeing the returns they were promised.

  4. 50 years ago tossed seeds in dozer pile 🙂, still learning. never a harvest better than 74. genetics(lost). full flavor landraces natures balances. ☮ HTGDE

  5. This is exactly what I'm researching and I'm in grohibition land. I wish I could test my stuff here. I would be doing everything talked about, it is beautiful to hear

  6. Hey all, my dad passed away couple months ago from covid he also was fighting colon cancer. Im trying save his beautiful car from greedy bank. If any of has ability or interest in helping i set up GoFundMe save my dads car. Its cool if u can't help, i had to try. YouTube wouldn't let me link it. 🕊️💙

  7. Certain kinds of weed work for seizures cuz my ex-girlfriend was an epileptic. But if you use the wrong kind it can give you more seizures. I think it's the stuff with more CBD that is good for seizures

  8. The whole legal weed thing in New York is a shitshow like they say in Canada. I don't even understand it if I punch in my Google it says it's legal to grow weed they say it's not until 11 months after the rip you off and start selling it. I believe that weed really helps me with my pain and PTSD. It really makes me feel better the whole next day even if I don't smoke. Why is it that a license to sell alcohol is $5,000 for a liquor store and if someone wanted to open a weed store which lots of people do they could not afford it cuz it's $210,000 and you lose the 10,000 if they don't give you one. So people who got arrested for weed would have to be selling lots of it to ever be able to afford that. I cannot fathom why they're making such a big deal out of a plant other than the greed in New York because they want to get the money and only the big conglomerate people just like the farmers around here get any money and it's so screwed up something should be done about it and it's not because it's all about the money and not about the healing plant and it makes me angry and I could go on for days but I won't

  9. I can never comment on a live feed the line will disappear as soon as I touch it with my finger so the only thing I can do is send a smiley and I don't know why and it's really aggravating

  10. A lot of people forgot to read their history. Like it or not Christians actually played a big role in the transfer of power from prohibition to legal alcohol industries. Even tea totallers had early investments in the legal alcohol industry. No conspiracy. Just history.

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