1. psychosis

    POSTED MARCH 07, 2011, 11:03 AM , UPDATED NOVEMBER 30, 2011, 2:28 PM

    Ann MacDonald
    Contributor, Harvard Health

    Teenagers and young adults who use marijuana may be messing with their heads in ways they don’t intend.
    Evidence is mounting that regular marijuana use increases the chance that a teenager will develop psychosis, a pattern of unusual thoughts or perceptions, such as believing the television is transmitting secret messages. It also increases the risk of developing schizophrenia, a disabling brain disorder that not only causes psychosis, but also problems concentrating and loss of emotional expression.
    In one recent study that followed nearly 2,000 teenagers as they became young adults, young people who smoked marijuana at least five times were twice as likely to have developed psychosis over the next 10 years as those who didn’t smoke pot.
    Another new paper concluded that early marijuana use could actually hasten the onset of psychosis by three years. Those most at risk are youths who already have a mother, father, or sibling with schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder.
    Young people with a parent or sibling affected by psychosis have a roughly one in 10 chance of developing the condition themselves—even if they never smoke pot. Regular marijuana use, however, doubles their risk—to a one in five chance of becoming psychotic.
    In comparison, youths in families unaffected by psychosis have a 7 in 1,000 chance of developing it. If they smoke pot regularly, the risk doubles, to 14 in 1,000.
    For years, now, experts have been sounding the alarm about a possible link between marijuana use and psychosis. One of the best-known studies followed nearly 50,000 young Swedish soldiers for 15 years. Those who had smoked marijuana at least once were more than twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as those who had never smoked pot. The heaviest users (who said they used marijuana more than 50 times) were six times as likely to develop schizophrenia as the nonsmokers.
    So far, this research shows only an association between smoking pot and developing psychosis or schizophrenia later on. That’s not the same thing as saying that marijuana causes psychosis.
    This is how research works. Years ago, scientists first noted an association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Only later were they able to figure out exactly how cigarette smoke damaged the lungs and other parts of the body, causing cancer and other diseases.
    The research on marijuana and the brain is at a much earlier stage. We do know that THC, one of the active compounds in marijuana, stimulates the brain and triggers other chemical reactions that contribute to the drug’s psychological and physical effects.
    But it’s not clear how marijuana use might lead to psychosis. One theory is that marijuana may interfere with normal brain development during the teenage years and young adulthood.
    The teenage brain is still a work in progress. Between the teen years and the mid-20s, areas of the brain responsible for judgment and problem solving are still making connections with the emotional centers of the brain. Smoking marijuana may derail this process and so increase a young person’s vulnerability to psychotic thinking. (You can read more about how the adolescent brain develops in this article from the Harvard Mental Health Letter.)
    While the research on marijuana and the mind has not yet connected all the dots, these new studies provide one more reason to caution young people against using marijuana—especially if they have a family member affected by schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder. Although it may be a tough concept to explain to a teenager, the reward of a short-time high isn’t worth the long-term risk of psychosis or a disabling disorder like schizophrenia.

  2. I was surprised that Meghan McCain was supportive of smoking weed, quite honestly. But thanks for the support, Meghan! (I never thought I'd say that to a Republican).

  3. I'm bipolar manic and rather than take 2000 milligrams of meds that screw up my liver and take away my will to draw, I smoke which actually motivates my art

  4. They misuse the word addiction. You don't get addicted to anything that doesn't have addictive properties like nicotine and heroine. They may have bad habits and cravings but those are different than addiction.

  5. I know that it’s just for recreational use but medically marijuana has made so many people’s lives better. My grandma was dealing with chronic pain and things like ibuprofen and Tylenol wouldn’t work. When she started using the marijuana she felt so much better it’s the only thing that’s worked so far. And she doesn’t even smoke it you can buy edibles and oils that you can rub on your body. It’s really changed her life she used to lay in bed in the dark all day when she would be in pain but now she can put some oil on and can actually get things done. Sometimes I feel like these ladies talk about these things just to fill air time. It seems like they don’t do research on a lot of things that they talk about but that’s just my opinion.

  6. The best strategy is to legalize all drugs for taxes, regulation, and to remove the criminal element, but this does not make it okay to use any of them, anytime, for any reason.  Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and Rum are all legal, but of course no one should ever consume any of them.  Marijuana is an absolutely horrible drug that has single-handedly devastated the youth of is nation. The Majority of the Homeless got that way due to drugs.  Few people commit crimes if they are clean and sober.

  7. Its good that its legal but then the price is too high for low income people.. 100$+25% tax? Thats like a day of work for full time.. guess they have to grow their own plant first..

  8. Marijuana should never be legalize in our society, for the reason that, Marijuana tends to stay in our body far longer than most other drugs, thou preventing young people to get jobs because they can’t pass a simply drugs test, and especially very bad for the Black community because they are already at a disadvantage.

    Marijuana can sometimes interact with prescribed medicines and reduce their efficiency, it is bad for your lungs and in some people, it can worsen the symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety. Frequent Marijuana use in adolescence is also linked with an increased likelihood of mental illness later in life.

    Marijuana smoke contains 50 percent to 70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than doe’s tobacco smoke and has the potential to cause cancer of the lungs and respiratory tract. Marijuana smoke is commonly inhaled deeper and held longer than is tobacco smoke, increasing the lungs' exposure to carcinogens. The Democratic Party tends to support everything that is slack, lowdown, immoral, ungodly and corrupt in our society.

    The Democratic Party is demonic possesses organization design to destroy human civilization. The Democratic Party support same-sex marriage, mass abortion of Black babies, transgender, Islam and Muslim takeover through it open border policy and also the Mexicans invasion. The Democratic Party uses the Paris Accord climate change agreement to restrict American progress and now the legalization of Marijuana. Marijuana is bad for our young people and it should not be legalized.

  9. Trump 2020👍👍👍👍👍👍 Why do people vote Democrat in California. You used to go to California to get rich, now you leave it to get rich. Trump should continue to build the wall around California as well as Mexico and CNN could operate from Mexico.

  10. I also agree with Sunny, I worry about the prisons that turn profits by having a full roster though. The prison system in America is a world full of corruption that most would turn a blind eye too.

  11. To all the addicts, think about this an 80,000LB machine driving down the highway gets in an accident drug test shows you have weed in your system. Guess who is at fault. You are because you are intoxicated. I drive an 18wheeler for a living and it doesn't matter who hit who when it comes to intoxication. So do us truckers a favor, don't smoke and drive. There are professions where you don't want drugs allowed and for those who say oh its natural its from a plant so is opium thats from a fruit pod yet people love to forget that

  12. For the first time ever, the white race is a minority in California, and white children are now a minority in the New Jersey schools. Multiculturalism exterminates the superior white race. I hope Trump can somehow stop the non-white invasion into America and keep the white race alive!

  13. End the War on the People! End the War on Drugs! End the Police State! Legalize Marijuana!
    Freedom and Liberty for the People!

    Legalize Cannabis! Throw the Sheeple a bone! Those who stand to lose in the USA if Cannabis is legalized nationally. The Police, Police Unions, Judges, Prosecutors, Cartels, the Private Prison system, Big Pharma, Liquor, Wine, & Beer Companies, Government Departments, etc.

    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

  14. Are you for the legalization of cannabis for nutritional, industrial, medicinal and recreational use? If so, stop by my Youtube channel, subscribe, and vote for me for Gov. of MN 2018 and POTUSA 2020.

  15. Sista that was a prosecutor, they used you to lock up your fellow African Americans. They used you like a pawn you are! Didnt you hear Meghan McCain say her friends got fake medical cards. Those are now the same people who own all the pot shop's, while they block millions of minorities who were incarcerated for the same thing with those "New Regulations"

  16. shiut up meghan and all who back in the day marijuana was a horrible drug!!!!!! I for years was hoping they would legalize it to cut on crime. I hope they make alcohol illegal! i don’t smoke marijuana but i know it is good and medicinal!

  17. Smart of California! Money to made and money to be saved and crime to be eliminated! Majority rule! Not ever a gateway drug! Deal with your opiate problems America! Rampant consumerism is a drug america

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