Can Cannabis Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

A treatment for Alzheimer’s disease remains elusive – and so does an effective way of dealing with some of its worst symptoms, …


  1. Everyone knows the pharm. Industry is behind the lobbying effort to prevent cannabis from becoming legal in all 50 states. They know that cannabis can replace much of their overpriced medicines and allow the less wealthy to live a much better quality of life. After the mass murder of so many overdose victims, you'd thInk they'd be ashamed of themselves for outlawing a natural plant that doesnt cause overdoses, and actually helps treat the oxycontin nightmare that they created. I'm amazed at the before and after differences and glad it worked for him.

  2. How can i explain this to the world on how dr Ehimare on YouTube channel cure and reverse my father from ALS disease with natural herbs medicine treatment product. God bless you Dr Ehimare on YouTube for your wonderful help to my family and you can also contact Dr Ehimare on YouTube for more information or whatsap him via +2349027349748.

  3. It is always heart-breaking! Many people have lost their loved ones to Alzheimer's disease just because they think there is no cure. My husband was diagnosed with multifactorial Alzheimer's disease. This also triggered epileptic fits.. To be blunt, all the prescription drugs we’ve used did not yield any positive improvement. Lately I have found that Homeocure-Worldwide natural treatment along with adopting a healthy lifestyle has helped him recover completely. There should be no shame. Our health, family, and personal care should always take the topmost position among our priorities.  You may look it up for more info:

  4. I have decided to make this post or testimony public. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ten years ago. I loved my husband very much, and it was heartbreaking to have him develop Alzheimer's disease and to stand by and watch him decline in his ability to take care of himself, struggling with day-to-day tasks. It takes away his memory and eventually the ability to do basic tasks. Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect the person who is diagnosed — it also turns your world as a caregiver, upside down if your loved one is grappling with the condition. To be clear, there is no pharmaceutical medicine, no magic pill that has any significant effect on the progressive downhill course of this disease. Not until we use an Herbal Medicine called BRONGEE that put an end to it. He has been well and living his best life. While there may be other different options to into. Never make your own success path a secret. There should be no shame. Contact Dr. Rohan with, It may also help you too.

  5. Most people around the world do not believe there is cure for Alzheimer's/dementia talk more of herbal cure. After my father was diagnosed of Alzheimer's, all modes of medication including donepezil (Aricept), rivastigmine (Exelon) and galantamine (Razadyne) couldn't help treat him until I came across an article online about Dr Rohan and his herbal exploit in treating and curing Alzheimer's. I contacted him regarding my father's situation and he assured me my father will be cured using herbal medicine. We acquired his herbal medicine out of desperation to cure my father, lo and behold I started seeing positive results in my father just about 3 week and what amazed me the most was that by the 12th week my father became completely cured and OK beyond my imagination after all necessary test confirmation. Believe it or not I have seen it all there is herbal cure for Alzheimer's that is more potent than any medication or treatment. If you have Alzheimer's I advise you opt for herbal cure by contacting Dr Rohan on you shall come here to testify just like me. Believe it or not I have pass the information for awareness.

  6. Why wait to be desperate? I don’t wait for ANYONE to tell me wtf to do. What the hell’s actually wrong with people who think doctors are God?

  7. maybe marijuana can be useful for making a medicine for illness but some of people may use this marijuana for other illegal purposes, in short it can be a subject for temptation for a person to do bad things to the life of others. For me, I'm against in legalizing of using marijuana for medicine.

  8. Pharmaceutical business doesn't want healthy people, they want to earn millions of dollars selling medication that will get you more sick and dependent

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