1. please help how many drops should my mother use. Shé is always in pain because of a pancreatic and lung cancer. Methadone is no longer working. Help help help

  2. Good luck man, know your not alone. I am on meds for anxiety & depression and take this to prevent upping the dose of meds and it has really helped a ton. CBD oil like this is really an amazing thing; I used to not be able to drive down the street without extreme anxiety and now I drive ubereats for extra cash haha who'da thunk. Charlottes web isn't something magical though I did do a lot of other things to get up and running again but I do attribute a good amount to this cbd oil.

    Lastly, I am tempted not to dilute the good it has done but its something to be aware of. Two things that were downers for me with cwhemp original strength was 1. the price is challenging 2. for me it came up on a drug test and cost me a job but its legal strength, I figure if a company does that even with the evidence then I wouldnt want to work with them anyway. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Hi, I appreciated your video. It has helped me to decide to give CW a try. I have been using thought cloud for almost a year. I did notice a decrease the intensity of my anxiety but the severity has increased in the last month for some reason. I also having been having panic attacks at work which had never happened to me before. After much research and your testimony, I feel hopeful that I may begin to feel better soon.

  4. Thank you for sharing Mark. I too have been living with chronic health issues that haven’t been responsive to meds. I look forward to following your story and how it’s working for you. I just started taking CW Oil.

    I had an eye cancer called retinoblastoma in which has left me a mess of life challenges. I have minor radiation damage on my temporal lobes. I’m luckily able to live a full life, but since I have hit about 18 I have been diagnosed with multiple rare health conditions. Complex Partial Seziures, Psuedotumor Cerebri and anxiety are by far the top two worst. Since 2016 I have worked so hard to understand myself and learn my triggers. It’s helped, but with multiple conditions I can prevent everything and life is often flipped upside down. I don’t have a strong support network so I’m hoping CW CBD also works for me also.

    Best wish to you!

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