Cannabis extract CBD Oil | Is it effective? | Mike Rashid King

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  1. CBD is to help people with REAL health problems, disorders, etc. Not to help people who are perfectly fit and 100% healthy like you Mike……..

    So the reason why CBD wasn't working for you Mike Rashid is because you were trying the 70% of the CBD on the market thats BS. And again with 43% not enough CBD and 26% too much CBD again those probably fall into that 70%!! 43% + 26% = 69% basically 70% as mentioned before. Also if YOU know theres these problems with CBD companies thats currently on the market what better way to capitalize off of CBD and add CBD to ambrosia!?!?!! I bet you that YOU know the same problem exist in the fitness world which is probably one of the main reasons i'm sure you started Ambrosia!?!? I can HIGHLY recommend Try there 2500MG full spectrum CBD oil. If you say you don't feel anything then it's probably because you take ALOT of supplements already and weigh what at least 225LB all muscle? I have H O R R I B L E back pain. Multiple problems with my back including a herniated disc and Sciatica. Also have a 9mm disc floating around in my lower back between l4-l5 actually suppose to have back surgery. When i take this CBD oil my pain goes from a women giving birth (according to my wife my back pain is worse than her giving child birth to both of our children) to me feeling like maybe my backs a little sore from sleeping wrong and most the times the pain is almost all GONE. Its important to note you're not suppose to "feel anything" its CBD not THC!! What it does do though is it JUST WORKS and takes away pain, anxiety and you get a better nights sleep and better appetite. But just like any kind of supplement it effects EVERYONES body differently. Another important thing to note is that you're arguably the most healthiest person in the united states whose in their 40's. So my point is YOU don't have any issues, disorders, etc…..Hell i'm sure if you take steroids it won't do anything for you either your built like a damn take my guy. To add theres ALOT of people who seem to confuse hemp seed with hemp oil. Its NOT the same. BTW you were wrong….. CBD is derived from Hemp NOT Cannabis🌿🌱☘️ Also CBD is legal in ALL 50 states. Cannabis now thats a different story. HUGE fan of Ambrosia buy it on the regular. I REALLY hope you change your mind about CBD. Just because it won't help you and add value to your life doesn't mean it won't help others and add value to there lives and YOU mike have power to help people by adding the BEST CBD on the market to Ambroisa. #StayWoke #Ambroisa #CBD #AmbrosiaCBD

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  3. Haven’t seen your vids in a while. I just happened to buy some to try and got some positives out of it but as you said everyone is different so do your research. It doesn’t work for sleep for me, but inflammation reduction was noticed. I’m trying to change my approach on health as a whole anyway and that was just a curious buy.

  4. I'm relatively new to your channel. The first video of yours I saw was a boxing tutorial, and I remember being in awe of the size of your shoulders lol. Now I've seen your series with Big Mike and some videos of your nutrition, supplement company, and you training with friends. I have gained such inspiration from you. Hearing you talk about yourmindset, how you achieve your goals, and just watching you conquer things and push yourself. It makes me believe that I aim capable of being better and stronger every day. So I just want to thank you for that. I really respect and appreciate what you do, and I think that you are a good person. I'm glad to have found your channel!

  5. I don't know about the oil but let me talk about smoking weed for pain which I suffer from and it helps I don't care for the high in fact I don't like getting high but it takes away the pain I don't smoke it like the average person I'll take 3 pulls to prevent from getting to high and I don't do it every day for a person who has nerve problem I need it when nothing else works

  6. 0:56 yo i don't know how true it is but i think if u take a lot of L-Glutamine you can't really feel the effects of cannabis…i was on L-glutamine for a few weeks and i noticed that when i smoked the effects were dull…

  7. CBD is legal in all states. We have it here in Tennessee and cannabis is still illegal here. I personally find it relaxing and it definitely helps me and my wife sleep.

  8. A 2:1 cbd/thc mixture has done wonders for me. My recovery is amazing and my pain management is better than ever. Night and day vs when I was on opiate medications.

  9. Lmao you don't feel it, it doesn't have a mind altering effect idiot. It heals you on the inside and it works! Just cuz yall are used to taking narcotics and feeling something down snt mean CBD in marijuana don't work.. FDA won't approve CBD as long an alternative to their drugs cuz Big Pharma needs theyre customers!

  10. CBD is mostly affective for people with actual issues… helped me alot with my lower back pain, my anxiety, my sleeping disorder… i have two friends who are healthy as shit no issues who tried it and did nothing for them… i see alot of veterans using it and its helped them tremendously… i suggest trying CBD you thinking of backing on people with actual health issues I’m sure you would get different results

  11. I've always believed that CBD is full of dog wash. The government benefit off the crime more than they do selling something to make people happy. Drama makes the news. Not "Happy'. Happy drugs keeps down drama. The whole country operates with a profit incentive. If it's not financially beneficial their not interested.

  12. Anecdotally, I figured out you have to take at least 3 TIMES to 4 TIMES the dose recommended on the label and wait at least 2 HOURS to feel the effects of a quality CBD oil taken orally. The only problem is that it can get expensive but will get the job done. Try again

  13. Hey man usually the people that cbd helps are people that have disorders. I have fibromyalgia and one of things that’s part of it is I’m deficient in cannabinoids which regulates my nervous system. This cause me a lot of pain since I’m deficient and other problems. The reason it might not have helped you and your coworker is becauseyour not deficient you brain is producing a sufficient amount so you don’t notice anything which is a good thing just wanted to let you know as it depends on the person and how they/ there brain reacts to it

  14. Hows it going Mike, my brother has a cbd company based in the uk and his company does tons of research and provide a lot of transparency with their products. shall i get him to send you an email?

    take care bro

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