Cannabis Infused MCT Oil Tincture FOR HIGH THC EDIBLES



  1. STEP BY STEP (as per video with a few variations)

    1. Decarbonise
    104 degrees in canning jar 1hr
    (Every 15 minutes shake around jar)
    (At 30 minutes burp jar) *can do 40mins if wanting to avoid going over cooked

    2. Grind up

    3. Fit in jar with 500ml MTC oil (want it covering)

    4. Place jar in water in slow cooker

    5. Allow it to sit for 4 hours on low heat OR 8-12 hrs (shorter time on lower heat had less sedative effect). Place lid on if you can to allow water to not evaporate as quick, otherwise keep an eye and top up as necessary

    6. Once cooled filter with cheese cloth and strainer into jug

    7. Return to jar filter through tea strainer

    8. Place jar in direct sunlight for 1hr to rid the green colour

    9. Voila! Go easy, dose slow, & can use to make gummies and edibles.

  2. Do I get put on the no guns list if I go with medical weed? Is the medical weed better? I got my pot of oil with about 40 grams @ 23% thc, I forgot what I am doing, damn mast cells. My face afire as I refuse to die.

  3. I just wanted to express grateful thanks to you for sharing your knowledge. I’m 70 & in UK. I’ve just finished my very first grow! I’ve harvested now & got 32 grams of the bud. I’m onto the process of making FECO today & followed all your guidance in this video. I have a lung disease called COPD & FECO can help tremendously with keeping lung airways open. I grew 5 plants, three were called purple kush & two were called white widow. They grew as tall as the grow tent, almost! I’ve been watching Bill Ward the last week or so & will utilise his method of pinning them out to improve my next grow. So thank you again. I’ve now subscribed to your Chanel. Blessings! xx

  4. Try shorter time in crockpot on low setting more uplifting effect than longer infusing at higher temps which has more sedative effect I found. Between 2 and 4 hours worked a treat 👍

  5. When I strain my mixture through cheesecloth I use a potato ricer to squeeze every drop out. For my final strain I use a paint strainer that spray painters use to strain their paint. I then leave in a clear jar in the sun for about and hour and the chlorofil is gone… Tincture is amazing…great video

  6. Hey is this just a regular mason jar cause what I thought was mason jars can’t be used in the oven cause they can explode. Been trying to find an oven friendly one but can’t seem to find one, anyone know of this? Ty

  7. Thanks for the video! Great stuff there. Question for you: What is the reason to go with an MCT oil vs say Everclear or Alcool (Similar to Everclear where I live in Canada). I have read that alcohol tinctures have better retention of THC but unsure if this is true. Thanks!

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