CBD for Dogs, All the DEETS!

Kitty and Sugar are Senior Pomeranians. now that they are getting older health problems are starting to present themselves.


  1. Happy Easter! Much love and many blessings. With that, CBD Oil is a miracle elixir. I swear by it. Anxiety and arthritis? CBD can help. Of course, like you mentioned in the video, its non psychoactive and no THC but consult your trusted vet especially if your furry companion(s) are taking medication(s) already. It does help with inflammation too. In my humble opinion, do your research, consult a reputable vet if you dont have one already. Its WORTH it, in my humble opinion. I love the funny voiceover outtakes. Happy Easter beautiful fam! We love you Kitty, Sugar and Pixieee!!! 滕

  2. You always have such funny and creative ways to share good information! Cookie has some serious anxiety and we've noticed she sheds waaay more when she's anxious. Maybe she needs some weed salmon.

  3. You hear a lot of different things about this, and it's nice to see your review…just read it did help for some things, so it was worth trying it!綾樹….have a happy easter sweeties!賅

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