CBD oil UK: How to buy CBD products in the UK during 2022

An award-winning establishment with an impeccable reputation, there is simply no better place to shop for luxurious hemp and CBD oils that have been expertly crafted, designed and developed for optimum enjoyment then Hemp Point UK.

Here we take a look at what makes their CBD oil particularly special and how to go about purchasing it in a competitive market.

Firstly, Hemp Point UK launched just over two years ago and has since grown a loyal client base thanks to its commitment to high quality customer care and competitive prices.

By working with a global network of wellbeing enthusiasts and health experts, they are one of the leading CBD companies in Europe with the finest hemp plants and a bespoke extraction process centred on clarity and calm, meaning the cannabinoids, nutrients and antioxidants are preserved for superior purity in every batch.

Hemp Point UK managing director Tomas Biroscik is no stranger to the world of quality products. He is also managing director of a luxury clothing store in the Lake District. Having been part of the team which has made their Hanfosan brand a success in Germany, Tomas decided to bring the CBD company to the UK.

He said: “We already have a successful presence in the German CBD oil market and are currently in the top three. This strong position has enabled us to expand here in the UK.

Having already established a successful high end designer clothing business in the Lake District, I thought it would be the perfect base to launch Hemp Point. I’ve been in ecommerce for more than 13 years, and it’s our customer service that sets us apart. I’m a product person and always seek to provide the best of the best”.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD (Cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

Ever growing in popularity, it is very easy to see why as according to scientific research and general studies, implementing it into your diet and lifestyle reaps a long list of benefits.

Cheap CBD brands may use unsafe methods when extracting cannabidiol oil from the hemp plant. These oil extraction methods include submerging the plant itself in butane, propane or acetone solvents.

As you can imagine, this could potentially lead to dangerous chemicals making their way into the CBD product and many believe CO2 oil extraction is the best and cleanest method of oil extraction, with Ethanol oil extraction a close second.

The quality of hemp CBD oil and other natural ingredients — as well as transparency as to what exactly is in your CBD oil product — are some of the top attributes to look for in a CBD brand.

The benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil has continued to become ever more popular as a treatment for a range of conditions such as treating anxiety and depression, pain relief including arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain and muscle pain and reducing overall inflammation in the body by strengthening the immune system.

It is also believed that it helps to prevent neurodegenerative orders from developing such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and strokes.

Why is CBD oil from Hemp Point UK special?

Premium, high in quality and compliant with Novel Foods standards, all of their CBD is vegan, gluten-free with no artificial preservatives produced from organically sourced roots, non-GMO hemp from the company’s very own farm in Italy and undergo regular quality checks to guarantee that the very highest standards are always met.

Their products are certified with a certificate of thorough lab analysis, valued with purity by using CO2 extraction, contain the full range of natural cannabinoids that you would expect from a transparent and reputable company and having already formed a strong relationship with the German market, are beginning to build up quite the impressive reputation and experience for customers here in the UK.

It is always important to verify the purity of your CBD oil with a lab report, look for CBD that has been organically farmed and the oil extracted by means of clean CO2. which with Hemp Point UK, all of these traits apply and they can save you time and money by preventing you from buying substandard brands.

By ticking so many boxes when it comes to providing the perfect product, Hemp Point provide a clear message as to why their CBD oil is the very best out there online and in person.

An update from FSA

The long-awaited list of CBD brands has recently been published by the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and Hemp Point UK are one of few CBD brands with full spectrum CBD products included in the FSA’s list.

The FSA’s list shows which products have a “credible application” to be authorised by the regulator, as the move came as a requirement to businesses as interest in CBD-infused products has accelerated in recent years, infiltrating the world of medicine and hailed by many as the latest health trend.  

Products on the list have been undergoing assessment by the FSA, which was open to any CBD product designed for oral consumption on sale on or before 13 February 2020. Products that were launched after this date are not permitted for sale until they are granted full authorisation.

FSA chief executive Emily Miles said: “we have taken the step of publishing the list so that local authorities, retailers and consumers can make informed judgments about what stock they buy, as we gradually bring this growing market into compliance with the law and being on the list means that the application is credible, reliable and safe”.

What does this mean for you?

Safety: To gain validated novel food status, products are validated by the FSA. They have verified that our products meet the specific legal, safety and content requirements.

Trust: In the expanding CBD market – one that has been largely unregulated – novel food approval is a great way to know which brands to trust.

Quality: Our validation reinforces the quality of our CBD oils, which can be verified by hundreds of 5-star customer reviews.

So, if you are looking to order the very best CBD oil at exceptional prices, then look no further than Hemp Point UK.

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For more information, visit hemppointcbd.co.uk

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