Changes are coming for my YouTube Channel

Big changes are coming for my YouTube Channel. This may affect our weekly live streams! FanArts by RV YouTube Channel: …


  1. Hi Amy! I love your channel and all the info you provide for us. …………Do you use any warm water for washing the dogs? We only have (very) cold water outside and, unless I bathe the dog in the shower, no hot water. I'd need to attach a hand-held shower attachment if I bathe the dog in the house. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

  2. You are amazing and do so much for everyone. Thank you for still doing the live streams . People should understand you have a lot of work. God bless you for helping others you inspired me to become a groomer professionally and I am forever grateful to you and I want to take your class. I learn new things every day. Thank you! โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿพโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿพ

  3. I love your Monday Live! Chat. I canโ€™t join you on Mondayโ€™s, but I do listen on Tuesday mornings. Just wanted to let you know that I did buy a Prima system for my three giants. One of them has allergies and has to use a prescription shampoo. I called Prima and they were so helpful! The rep said I could use the system on my New Foundland,, Canis. Just mix ounce of shampoo per each gallon. Just thinking you can use your IGroom shampoo in your Prima.

  4. Was so beautiful to be alive & enjoy everything I been grooming sence I was 8 years old but I want to learn more! In this carreer we never stop learning is so much to learn!โคโคโค

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