1. here is az … prices are really expesive … they rob you with taxes , ur paying like double … its depressing , almost forced to try to grow a plant or couple like your allowed

    I have been showing that THC heals brains so CARBON CAPTURE could be done, so why is the FEDERAL government so against this ?


    I have broken NO LAWS but you FEDERAL AGENTS have treated me like a CRIMINAL for over 10 years.

    I wrecked a 2000 Harley wide glide rolling it crushing chest & puncturing lungs killing me.

    Once I woke from my coma and could respond they told me I was getting a phycological test to see if I was 'sane'. They asked if I understood this. I said yes.

    The first question does GOD exist. I answered yes with no hesitation.

    Next question was 'am I GOD. I thought about this long and hard, after a couple minutes I answered; the word GOD is 'man' made for 'control', there is a CREATOR and I am not it.

    End of test.

    GOD returned me for this;

    This has been CYBER ATTACKED for well over 10 years.

    It is what made me focus on how GOLD was formed to PROVE that THC restores brains.

    Why do you think they have been trying for over 10 years and even killed computer systems 2 shut me up ?

    When your RIGHT, YOUR RIGHT — THAT SIMPLE & they FEAR.

    I got muscle cramps in my feet and ankles this morning that it woke me up and could hardly walk. I went to computer room and took one hit of high THC extract and in a minute the cramp left.

    EARTH can be restored so why is CARBON CAPTURE so FEARED? ~ GROW 2 SAVE EARTH.

    Growing HEMP / CANNABIS will restore the 'atmosphere' while rejuvenating the 'soil' while creating FUEL. It will heal humans boosting the ECONOMY saving EARTH.


    I am being CYBER ATTACKED because of this; – I had FACEBOOK send me INTERNET pages to fill out with my story of how THC saved my brain from OXYGEN DEPRIVATION when I wrecked my H/D with no helmet and died. I had many message me asking if I lived there because it was seen logging on WORLD WIDE.

    GOD please make the FEDERAL agent stop TERRORIZING my WI-FI / COMPUTER at router CenturyLink4347.

    Just what are you FEDERAL agents in KALISPELL MONTANA trying to do ?

    I have been trying to tell the world that THC has been reconnecting my ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM that is healing my 5.5 brain injury. Words means nothing so I give this;





    There is a very special temper with no 'oxygen' at 3500F for 100 hours that TRANSITIONS. Copper melts at 1800F. ZINC will give off poison fumes.

    I do this to 'prove' that THC has been healing my 5.5 brain injury.

    ~ ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ look it up ~

    There are 'shells' that are around ATOMS that a special 'boil' shatters, creating 50 more atoms. In nature it was QUARTS that melted covering metals absorbing shattered 'shells' that created GARNETS / SAPPHIRES. ~ Quarts is a TRANSITIONAL crystal.

    I ask in JESUS name, amen. – TAX $$$$$ PAID TERRORIST

  3. 0:56 She says distribute like it is a drug….no it is like a cup of coffee.
    Drugs kill ppl! Drugs like Alcohol & Smack & it's evil cousins. It is time to leave the pot folks alone, they have never hurt a soul, but the cannabis laws certainly have. SWE

  4. Time for the cartel and street dealers to dominate and sell to kids since they won't i.d legal dispensarys don't sell to kids your law makers are morons that's what this means πŸ€‘πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  5. out in the wild west of Bend Ore. which is saturated with great weed, i never detect the odor of people smoking in public.
    i find it a bit strange, but it's just not done. the entire culture of pot is very polite. no one wants to impinge.
    what you have in Va. is simple decriminalization. i reckon you won't notice a thing.

  6. Wait what did I hear you can have up to ounce at home as well as outside I can get 3 ounces from one plant wth? I thought the ounce was for outside not indoors too. Maybe you said that but didn’t mean it that’s insane.

  7. Alcohol is legal but you cant drive with it and cant work on it. Pot will be the same, no i do not want my kids bus driver fried or someone making my new automobile stoned.

  8. It’s a Great Start for my home State of Virginia. Great progress. Just dont allow the dismissing of Black ownership in the retail and procurement stages. MUST retain balance in the disproportionate areas of ownership

  9. Some smokers are completely functional at work , dare I say more productive because of enhanced/elevated mood and of course pain relief. The people who smoke and will be less productive are already the weak link and this only highlights such behavior at the worksite. ( Helping us productive people to more easily weed out poor genetics)

  10. I love to smoke marijuana so much I moved right by a marijuana dispensary in Blythe California called Prime Leaf they have ounces as low as $70 dollars + tax That's right ounce & a half per month for life πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘πŸ™‚πŸ€­πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  11. I'm confused. It will be legal that I posses cannabis, and its legal I can grow it. But its illegal to buy it.. So how do I grow it if I can't buy it? Can't order seeds through the mail. So how does one even start? How can I possess something I can't buy or grow?

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