Detroit Lions Draft Targets – Hutchinson, Walker & Thibodeaux | Detroit Lions Podcast

Join us for another installment in our NFL draft 2022 prospect series where we cover Defensive EDGE rushers that the Detroit …


  1. I feel confident that whoever we take at #2 will be an impactful player. I am really not sure which of these guys I am most excited about. I do feel calmer when I remember that diligence is Brad Holmes' middle name. Whoever we pick will be a really solid selection.

    The character concerns with Thibs are a red flag for me. So many guys have said the game is mostly mental because almost everyone at this level is a superior athlete. A guy who doesn't have his head on straight could be more trouble than he is worth, but if all of the noise is just that, then it's a tremendous opportunity to get a game changer.

    So stoked for the draft right now.

  2. We haven had à player tj watt or aiden caliber in à long time that been said city of detroit would love him hed obvisouly be the face or our team im hopin we grab him 🙏

  3. I want Hutchinson, but I believe Brad love's Thibodaux, and he's the GM so!!!😆 I'm good with either or. I would stay away from Walker he had a great combine, but you need to just rely on the tape.

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