Digital Dive: Gov. Walz wants Minnesota to prepare for legal recreational marijuana

Minnesota’s Senate rejected a bill last session that would have decriminalized recreational marijuana in 2022.


  1. And these difficult times the people need their medicines that are not addictive if there are Republican pot smokers out there will you talk to your representatives just hold out it's ridiculous period in the meantime I will continue to break the law by using marijuana on a daily basis in the state of Minnesota without a doctor's note. I consider this to be necessary trouble considering the fact that there aren't enough doctors in Minnesota for people who are poor or without insurance to be able to utilize this corrupt form of legality for the special ones. This law is discriminatory it should be recognized and overturned. Although we may not be ready for a marijuana party in Minnesota we are prepared for marijuana. Bob the Creator

  2. Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Unfair drug laws gotta go!

    -(I don’t even smoke anymore, but you don’t need to smoke to realize this move is common sense).

  3. What a terrible idea to legalize something that everyone is smoking, and instead of criminals getting the money the State would get the money to fix potholes, repave roads and to educate children. It's a real dumb idea. I'm against more money for roads and education….Why would you be against legalizing marijuana? Everyone is smoking it.

  4. Frak Republicans for using scare tactics on evil marijuana while having no issue with tobacco, gambling, alcohol, or opioids. I thought they were the party of individual liberty? What a joke. Kick them out and replace with legislatures that will allow humans to make their own choices on what to eat drink or smoke without government interfering.

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