Does it matter what dog grooming tools you use? No, it doesn’t…However, there are things to consider when purchasing tools to …


  1. what clippers do you recommend for shih tzu , i need one that will cut quick cause my sailor doesn’t want groomed i can’t even take him to a groomer so i need a fast one that cuts great! thank you

  2. I love the km10. Just got my hanvey hose attachment for it and was surprised to see the plate just gets glued to the housing. Wondering how well it has worked for you.

  3. Thanks Amy for this wonderful informative video . I’m going to order some shears for my new bernedoodle pup. I did get the kenchii flash 5 and combs so relieved that I won’t need to by a separate detachable wahl since there almost impossible to find. My question is have you had a chance to do a video on a complete groom with the kenchii flash 5 with your doodle . I’ve watched the maltise one but would love to see which combs attachments and blade for the doodle

  4. Hi Amy, thanks so much for sharing so much info!! so totally excited but nervous to groom my little Leo. I got the Wahl KM10 FINALLY! and ordered the comb guards but not clear if I need more blades other than the 10 it comes with?! Thanks so much!

  5. Wish knew about the combs before like the rake due use them first on the mine fur balls and now feel bad, now the babies will not do that to them. Thank you for helping us.

  6. Hi Amy just started watching and love your information and content. The question I have is that I have a Aussiedoodle and was wondering what would you suggest for a clipper that’s like $170 and under?

  7. Greetings Amy, hope all's well. Just finished watching this ( 7th of today's "Go-Binge" LOL). Early last Spring after exhausting EVERY option available, we had to clip down our long coat shepherd. I know, but we had absolutely no other choice. Trying to keep her OR her brother clean & neat after running rampant around the farm every day is like shoveling sand against the tide. She is a "hot chocolate mess" right now and visits to the groomer are simply too bloody expensive to continue. Her undercoat is thick as a brick (undoubtedly due to the clip) soo, yours truly is the new groomer and my garage is my salon. I'm just about set with getting supplies together with the exception of a good extra long slicker brush and as you say . . . "The Swords". As absurd as it may sound, if you had only one shear to do everything, which would it be. I've watched other vids where thinners and chunker's were used for straight cuts as well as shaping and was thinking that either (with time and patience) could take care of what I need. I'm pretty much sold on the investment in a Kenchii product after watching however, there is really no budget per se` for this endeavor and I could not justify "wasting money on bad shears" (4th vid of the "Go-binging" today) with some junk set. Mind you . . . NEITHER of these two knuckleheads are or will be headed to Westminster or any AKC event so getting all "gussied up" for anything isn't an issue. Your thoughts would be appreciated, love your vids and thanks in advance . . .

  8. Hi Amy why do you use cordless clippers? Aren't corded clippers more durable and you don't have the problem with rechargeable batteries that give up? Thank you for all your great information.

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