Dreamland Organics.. Is Their Flower As Good As They Claim? | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. You always tell it like it is and that's why you're a trusted source for hemp reviews. If this company doesn't like what they hear, they need to step up their game.

  2. What is your number 1 recommended CBd flower company? I recently tried exhale wellness and was wondering what’s the best bang for my buck? Lowest thc contents, indica.

  3. @shabazz definitely agree with your take on their quality. I’ve personally had a few of their strains and I have to say they are a phenomenal smoke. I love the variety of stativas, hybrids, and indicas that they have. It fits almost every occasion but I do have to say their prices are actually pretty decent. They always have promos, discounts, and they’ve even started giving some bud away for those who are skeptical. So for those out there questioning wether or not to try it I definitely recommend!!!

  4. Yea F*ck dream land or what ever its call 🤷‍♂️if they can't take any type of honest criticism they don't plan on being any better or making prices more reasonable

  5. @Shabazz I always appreciate your hemp reviews. I will give these dreamland organics a try. Good stuff brother… your insight, always enlightens me in the hemp world. Hope you listed a coupon code for dreamland hemp.

  6. @Shabazz I always appreciate your hemp reviews. I will give these dreamland organics a try. Good stuff brother… your insight, always enlightens me in the hemp world. Hope you listed a coupon code for dreamland hemp.

  7. I have been getting CBD bud from Dreamland for a while and I find it fantastic. I also got the CBD oil for my parents and some friends and they loved it and said it had great effects. Appreciate the review but respectfully I find these flowers to be incredible.

  8. I have to say that I really don't know what you are talking about. I've purchased several times and each time the product was fire. Point blank period. These guys (DLO) put out a top notch products, you can tell they are passionate about their craft. Speaking of craft, you my friend need to work on your editing skills your video gave me vertigo with all those rough chops.

  9. Sorry for the delay, just coming across this video. Don't think you sent us the link or it got buried? Want to say thanks for taking the time and sharing your opinions. Will definitely take them in to consideration. Glad you dug the Dream Fuel and pretty bummed not so much for the Kimbo. We can't be everyone's cup of tea, but we're still super appreciative that you took the time and for the well produced video. Stay blessed to you and your crowd! 1 💙.

  10. Yea just another company with average products that tries to hype it up and sell it for premium prices, this happens a lot maybe do some more research on companies before doing a review 🤔
    Dreamland Organics is a pretty shady company in general and i would not buy from them even if the prices where like 30% of what they are now 😂.
    Focus on good brands that are run by good people, not some assholes that would attack you after a honest and acurate review 🙄.
    There is no place for people like that in this industry, karma exists.

  11. Comparing Dreamland Organics to Horn Creek Hemp is kind of like comparing Shake Shack to McDonalds. To the untrained eye, they may both look like just burgers, but to those who have tried both, there is a noticeable difference in quality. As a reviewer you should be able to pick that up. Smh…

  12. I actually really like this brand. Really dank flower, especially for hemp and great customer service. I've been a happy customer since 2019. I guess I'm an idiot? Just curious, why didn't you try the other 2 strains? Immortal is super yummy in my opinion.

  13. wondering particularly considering bias, being no other reviews for Dreamland Organics exist on this channel. density, more so than other brands, and cure are variables consistent throughout the cultivars. enhanced nuanced terpene content is apparent across the lineup. likely attributing to the "harshness" experienced. this uniqueness is a differential separating this company from others. the flower they sell far exceeds several brands promoted on this page which have received better reviews.

  14. Yo Shabazz I’d love to get your thoughts on the assorted small buds from flowgardens! It’s a great bang for your buck, at least 7 gs of different fire strains I got a pack coming in the mail 😀

  15. Usually like your reviews, but have to strongly disagree on this one. You seem a bit biased from the onset and you did not review ALL the strains, so that was kind of weird. "I'll smoke this one later?" You're doing a review! Lol. Also, I have personally had and loved "Immortal" and it is loud AF! Do not think it smells or tastes like Elecktra at all. Lastly, you claimed to like their Dream Fuel strain and I can concur it is smooth, but you won't give it "your seal of approval" over price? Your seem like a narcissist who gets power by deciding what is right for everyone else. Do you know what their overhead is as a business and why they set their price points there? You act like you have run a hemp business before…smh? This is not an unbiased review, but one based how you think things should be. If you are a "cannaseur," price should not be in the equation. It's about quality. Just my 2 cents.

  16. That vendor’s behavior is concerning, kind of narcissistic if you ask me. The cost reflects that. At this point, he’s priced himself out of the game entirely.

  17. Hello Shabazz I'm getting ready to start my first grow I would love to send you some later this year after testing comes back for an honest opinion if all goes to plan this year 💚

  18. just from the way they communicated on the comments you could tell they were hyping up their brand cause they know it’s overpriced and definitely not premium AAA grade, I’m waiting for them to comment on this video

  19. Hey I have one of those mighty adapters as well I put it on max when running it threw the bong still smooth I recommend putting your crafty on max when running it threw bong

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