Elisabeth interviews Billy Carson about Ancient Bio-Hacking Techniques of the Annunaki

Learn about what the Annunaki used to do in ancient times to heal themselves. Monoatomic Gold …


  1. My man BC, you and Lis are dropping so much content, i had took a day off to clear my mind and enjoy. Your time, knowledge and dedication are much appreciated!

  2. Billy you seemed to have been given a pass to do all of the things you have done and said, that many of us cannot- and you are skating near mainstream. I find it fascinating, because there have been many and the same story plays out. So truth of the matter is there are only 3 potential reasons. You are a plant and or possessed thus you have handlers- this dimension or another. You have compromised material and if you get out of bounds and do too much, you are done. Lastly, you are sincere and just a normal highly developed person. However, creating that pyramid and announcing it, you better be number 1 and have some powerful entities in your corner. Number 2 or 3, and we wont be able to benefit from your material anymore. Take heed to what I say. If you are creating products for escape and evolution or the ascending of homosapiens, you better have protection. DOnt let the pass you have been given, fool you. Alot of what you theorize, I have experienced and KNOW.

  3. Hi, can anyone clarify (or have more info) on what Billy means about not needing a 'V' to be traveling anywhere in the world? I'd really love to be traveling right now but I'm not V'd. I live in Australia, here it's veeery strict on this issue. I'm thinking that if Novac Djokivic can't even get a visa, how does the average person get one? I'd love to know where there are any loopholes.. Love the show, thanks very much guys, you rock 🙂

  4. The intention was to colonate the planet and turn the indigenous population of Earth against itself (war) so the take over of earth would be easier. Beer (alcohol) was used a remedy for space travel sickness just like that of when humans get sea sickness. It calms the nerves and lowers blood pressure. Especially when your a new arrival on a planetary system.
    (Gravitational changes, atmospheric pressure, biological differences, etc) And there’s a whole lot more to this.

  5. Can we ask u to touch on Thoth’s advising us to lay with our head to the north & south 1 hour per day plz? Is this something u practice? Is this in meditation or sleep? Can u elaborate according to ur interpretation plz

  6. I was up early one morning when I was about 16 (1996) and I saw a UFO. I was living in Far Rockaway, NY and it was still a little dark outside. I would always look at the horizon change and I was stunned. It seemed like it was trying to hide from Me as if it noticed I was looking at it. I thought I was dreaming, but this was real.

  7. Beer was probably more of a health elixer…more prbiotic and probably other beneficial micro-biomes.I am fascinated at what kind of benefits ancient micro biomes had on our ancestors. People disregard the importance of survival benefits that the micro-biomes potentially had for us.

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