1. Idk about everyone else but i get a little head high off cbd (the 2 ive tried) delta 8 and delta 9? Anyway its mostly body but dose make me not wana think about anything but thats indica ill try sativa

  2. THC edibles don’t even do anything to me. Great to know there’s a CBD vape cart that’s good. Might have to try it out since I can’t use THC anymore

  3. @DisorderVapes …… You are such Coolness.
    I'm new to the vaping thing. Wanted to know if you have any preference to the battery pens that you use….? and why. Thanks. 👍🏽 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  4. Hey man I battle with depression and anxiety. I want to have the satisfaction again of smoking. All this started when I tried delta 8 and it tripped me out. Will this for sure not get me high but just relax me? I just need to feel calm, relax and In control without feeling blasted 😂.

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