1. Either PH adjust your tap water, or soak them in distilled water..tap water tends to have a rather high PH, especially if you live close to the city..better to be safe than sorry.

  2. wrong most tap water is above 7 and it is very high usually in salts and other things bad for hydroponic growing if u buy a ppm meter u can check ur tap water I don't suggest using water above 100 ppm for hydroponics it is harder for the plant to uptake nutrients.

  3. You won't regret it. I'm new with it myself and still go back to the coco and soilless mediums as well as hydroton rocks but am transfering over to mostly rockwool. Transplanting is alot faster cleaner and the speed really out does the others for great healthy plant growth. Not sure how all of the different nutrients I use are going to work with it, but because it grows so much faster and more convenient to use it's worth it to find out which nuits work or not. You really won't regret chging

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