1. AD, what are your thoughts on eating a carnivore/zero carb diet? A few carnivorous individuals have had their gut biomes tested and report them to be surprisingly quite healthy and diverse. Innumerable diseases also seem to disappear, but I get the sense this isn’t a way of eating you would support? Appreciate any insights ✌️

  2. Which would be more powerful for beating disease like cancer or autoimmunity. Doing a few (1to3) 7 day dry fasts over a few months, or doing 5 day dry fasts back to back 5 or 6 times, with a day or two of water in between?
    Apologies for the questions, but youre the only person with any scientific understanding of this at a higher level. Ive read the pjoenix protocol many times, but theres still so much to learn.

  3. Good to hear from you again. It’s time to fed my friendly dog. Dr. Zach Bush promotes a product called Ion Gut Health made from terrahydrite and water. I’ll bet you sell a similar product on your website. Ion Gut Health is just another arrow in our quiver to defeat the evil beings in our existence. It is said that Enlil once gave instructions for humans to be poisoned out of existence. Did he ever leave?

  4. Does dry fasting help cimbat the effects of glyphosate on the gut?
    I ask because, recently after having some health issues ive had my genetic panels done, and it turns out i have a major problem in my sulfur pathway, as well as the cbs gene, and the mthfr… they say it could be responsible for the debilitating ocd/intrusice thoughts that hit me 2 years ago….

  5. Thnx as always! I started my dry fasting after seeing on if your vids. I then bought your The Phoenix Protocol book and did my first (2) 7days last year. I’m gearing up on my third run this week or next. Ty again for sharing ur Wisdom!!

  6. it all starts in the gut! one question: I am doing 2 Dry fasts weekly. one 24h Dry Fast on Wednesday and 36h Dry Fast on weekends. are these small fasts enough to tap the healing process along side an elimination keto diet? of should i push for more days? thanks

  7. At the time that I was gaining weight I think back it was because my surroundings were not as happy at the time. And I keep thinking what made me happy was food. There’s a reason why we choose chips instead of a head of lettuce.

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