1. Since the first time I saw your videos I've known your legit a boss ass person….then you said your fave is wedding cake. Girl yes!!! I love you 😆 im also an indica person

  2. Love you so much Jess! I'm gonna try my hardest to get to the meet n greet. I'm only 4 hours away in STL. I feel you on not taking your medicine when you're depressed, that's how you know you're really depressed lmao can't even smoke. Also I have that same shirt and I wore it to MOCannafest. 💚 who cares what people think they suck most of the time anyways lol I really am figuring that out the older I get. I will always support you, Reece, Micah, and Riley. Real recognize real and we support good people out here. Take care and keep seeking the peace ✌

  3. I asked a legitimate question. How can you claim to be clean and sober when you smoke pot. I like her videos. She's an inspiration on how she is come back from what's happened to her. That doesn't answer the question on how you can say you're clean and sober when you smoke pot. There's been some negative feedback toward me for the question. Nothing horrendous thank you, a smart-ass in some cases. Most of those I think are smoking pot themselves. I have no issue if someone smokes pot, or whatever they do to be honest. If what anyone else does doesn't impact someone else negatively it's none of my business. I once again will ask simply how can you claim to be clean sober while using a substance? For the one gentleman, if you were in a horrific car accident and needed painkillers, I don't see where taking painkillers would be wrong. As far as pot being prescribed, let's be honest🤨 Most applications are bogus. The internet is full of people walking in saying they have anxiety, and getting the script. I'm not saying Jess doesn't have an issue that would require this, but let's get rid of the medical excuse please. At least in most cases. I have never experienced the things she has, and hope I never do. I can't imagine trying to turn your life around and no one will help you. That's what former felons face consistently. I think that's why a lot of them return to what they were doing, because they can't support themselves otherwise. Again that doesn't answer the question on how you can claim to be clean and sober when you smoke pot. Jess I will once again say you are an inspiration for what you have accomplished. I never meant to take a dig at you. However I will once again ask the question. How can someone say they are clean and sober when they are not?

  4. Please, PRETTY PLEASE, Do a compilation of you saying "Chihuahua"…… It's ADORABLE & Uplifting. I am SOOO Happy for days after I watch one of your videos where you say Chihuahua. 💗

  5. Duuuuude rso is ahhhhmazing I have flavors like grape pie… it legit tastes like grape… and banana hammock lol it helps with my depression anxiety and fibro pain!!

  6. As a mama of 4 i use to feel the same way but now I don’t anymore. It’s literally a medicine to get your mind right. I love waking up and just hitting a bowl once or twice that’s all i really smoke anyway, but it makes me want to get so much more shit done because laundry dishes studying etc is not as bad when you’re in the right mind 🙃😆 however my boyfriend knows he can not smoke because he doesn’t limit himself and will just sleep and eat allllll day long 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😅 don’t feel bad about it girl it’s definitely a whatever’s best for you situation! Sativa is my best friend!!! 😆 I am a better mom with it also I always get so many compliments on how happy I am people thing I’m crazy cause I have babies and teenagers lol

  7. I’m very glad weeed is working for you and your mental health
    But telling people that “weed cures everything” is seriously dangerous. Yes it might work for some people, like you, but it can also cause psychosis and schizophrenia-like symptoms.

    I think whether you’re pro or anti cannabis, you should ALWAYS make sure to look at the benifits AND the negative aspects of it.

  8. I take CBD for my anxiety also. THC does terrible shit to my brain chemistry because of my meds and anxiety disorder and depression. I learned this when I was pressured to smoke and I ended up using my friend's razor and going at it until he was able to break into the locked bathroom and found blood everywhere. Moral of the story: I will never take THC again. So definitely not for everyone. No one should judge people who do use weed recreationally or people who cannot because of their brain chemistry.

  9. "Question everything." Hence my username. Certain recovery programs are cults. But I'm not going to specify because I'm too tired to deal with backlash, lol.

  10. LOL! Your Easter story has me dying. I literally had to ask my husband what Easter was (I'm in my 30s LOL). He was like "it's the zombie Jesus holiday" and I was all "oh yeah… I was thinking that it was just like St Patrick's day where people just want to act up" 😂😂😂

  11. I missed this live. I was at work. Sometimes I wish I can smoke. But every time I try i vomit. Tried every way and "technique" of inhaling and various ways of consuming. I just can't.

  12. Wow great skill
    Your video is very creative.
    I wish your channel grow day by day more.
    Thanks for the good video upload, Happy happy day 🌹🌹👌👌👌👌💚💚..

  13. Unfortunately I have cannabanoid hyperemisis syndrome so I start vomiting uncontrollably it’s horrible and it took for ever for me to figure it out I kept smoking thinking I’d feel better and it was what was making me sick. But I’m so pro weed!!

  14. Thank u for sharing ur thoughts & feelings about Cannabis w us! I love that u mentioned a checklist. That's the only way I can remember to take care of myself, as a recovering addict & sufferer of mental health issues. No matter how many times someone says "don't push yourself," I do anyway!😝🙈
    (Edit: Wedding Cake lover here, too!)

  15. The "I'm more afraid of my kids seeing me depressed, or suicidal" hit hard. I think every mother who smokes needed to hear this….myself included. the stigma around parents who smoke needs to end

  16. I have always agreed with u . Mommy takes natural happy meds instead of poppin pills or being a zombie . I think EVERYONE should smoke weed


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