How Marijuana and CBD Affect Beauty and Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgeon Explains

Recreational marijuana is now legal in more than 15 states, and CBD is regularly infused in a bevy of beauty products.


  1. It makes your eyes red an disgustingly puffy like some 1 brain celled looking derp. I can't stand pot anymore, Literally can NOT function. At least on a glass of red wine, I can function & still have a libido. When I was high, I felt like a deflated boob.

  2. I think the problem is we keep addressing weed like it's a monolith. Weed affects everyone DIFFERENTLY. Smoking, topical, or consumption of weed will have a different affect. Its also the stratin. But most importantly HOW you smoke it makes a difference. Using cigar or tobacco products to smoke causes inflammation. Using natural means if smoking reduces inflammation and had no affect in my opinion. I use to help my mood since I'm bipolar

  3. Cool video. I really appreciate it when medical people take this seriously enough to look carefully at the unfortunately limited research literature on how individual cannabinoids, doses and delivery work and what they do. I find it so annoying when I have a basic question like “what is the effect of vaping homegrown flower on asthma” – and I just get a bunch of posts about how smoking marijuana is bad for lungs or vaping mystery cartridges is bad. I’ve had to stop vaping because I found even at low temperatures c 365F it irritates my lungs too much I’m assuming because of the volatile plant matter. I’ve also wondered about use of CBD in procedure recovery – is there a level of inflammation and immune response that is needed for the body to repair tissue or spur collagen that you wouldn’t want to inhibit?

  4. So after failing to kill John Connor and somehow surviving the dip into molten steel, the T-1000 became a plastic surgeon under the name "Dr. Gary Motykie"

  5. It absolutely stinks, turns the person into a boring vegetable 😴, no motivation, no interests, they put their addiction before anyone or anything and it's usually the start of other harder drugs to come. I've seen weed smokers completely loose their personalities, becoming depressed and paranoid. It's a shame that the only people who see all this ate the people who DON'T smoke weed…..

  6. If you injest pot, you will actually crave fresh fruits and veggies. Also if you have high cortisol / stress pot will work to balance you out…if you just use it for nothing it is not good. Do not abuse it. But after surgery or laser treatment it should be beneficial in very low doses. It will take the edge off.

  7. I quit smoking weed and cigarettes together going cold turkey …almost 3 years ago.
    It was 5 – 6 weeks of every good and bad side of withdrawal but one day I just was so calm.
    I'd do it again for twice the time and twice the discomfort and double the symptoms of withdrawal tomorrow if I had to.
    I waited a couple of months and tried cbd oil from guy who makes organic natural full strength full THC… it's good. Its medicinal and as someone who never tried edibles before it was a different kind of high. Now I have a little when I have free time and it really is good for lots of things amd.more importantly I don't abuse it or even rely on it. I can forget it for a week or more. Physiologically it is beneficial in a plethora of ways.
    I'd never go back if I was paid
    I can NOT wait for this 😍

  8. Thank you for keeping us informed and teaching the reality of how many Calebs attain their appearance. Please please do a video on Nichole Kidman, she claims to not have had anything done but it seems to good to be true!

  9. Smoking typical lawn weed is an unexplored pleasure by most, although it’s benefits are unknown it’s vastness, legality, & availability may outweigh any shortcomings compared to actual weed

  10. I have chronic pain and use cannabis for pain. Without it, I'm on opiates every day. With it, I only need the pain medication a few times a month. I fully believe its saved me from dependence and building a tolerance to my medication.

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