How to Build a Cannabis Business | Clint Armstrong | TEDxAlmansorPark

Clint Armstrong, the founder and CEO of GroStaff, was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for launching the first Cannabis HR …


  1. Shame on TED, this is a disingenuous title. Should be called "why mainstream health care should allow cannabis treatment to help fight mental illness". Which don't get me wrong, I 100% agree, but this video barely hits on tiny slivers, and only on the paperwork side (this guy is an IT company, not a cannabis business owner) but glosses over MASSIVE amounts of what is actually required to start a cannabusiness. Thumbs down for the click bait title.

  2. He will don't go into law to help people People go into law to take advantage of the uneducated people Unless you have $5000 or more Go into a lawyer's office and he will take you check

  3. I’m going to build the best brand of cannabis out of the state of New York. With the help of my friends . I will change the world 🙏 Cristian Andrade , you heard the name here first .

  4. This is why Mexico will crush the US MARIJUANA industry. In Mexico there is none of what he mentioned. Insurance? No. Unemployment insurance? No. EPA? Make me laugh. There is no personal income tax in Mexico. There are no excise taxes. Property taxes are 1/10th cost.

  5. Methamphetamine is a Schedule II drug, not a Schedule I drug. Meth has medicinal purposes compared to Cannabis… rolling eyes

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  7. With testing low levels of thc should be acceptable as it is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids for inflammation and chronic pain. I understand that it has psychoactive properties but it can also have strong healing properties including angiogenesis for tumors. I think a more indepth testing system that is specified to the individual's characteristics would be a positive idea.

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