How To Dose Homemade Edibles

The most common question I get when teaching people about edibles is, “How do I know how much is in my cookie?” In today’s …


  1. If im making infused butter on the stove on a low simmer for 4hrs do I really need to decarb my weed. I only ask cause about 15yrs ago my aunt made cookies and when I say ov never been so stoned I’ve asked her how long she decarbed the weed she said WTF IS that never herd of it so I’m now at the conclusion that if you simmer on the stove for 4+hrs it also decarbes as well as infusion al same time.. so my Q is it really necessary to decarb esp that it worked the first time without but I’m still confused there’s SO MUCH INFO out there it’s mind boggling

  2. thank you so much, im thinking of buying the Levo II to infuse my food at home.
    I have never tried edibles before so i wanted to get a good understanding of dosage, thank you fr this very informative video. Im not that good at math so finding the proper way to calculate everything is a blessing lol. quarantine is bringing out my inner chef, god bless )

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