I Tried to Scam Him – His Story Stole My Heart

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  1. As a Father of a son with Autism and suffering a seizure disorder,…. your video today Really touched me…
    just really Ironic how things work out sometimes
    I hope you and that other fella, and family , keep in touch,,, it's the community you build, that helps you get through things, and remain strong for your kids
    Take care Bret 🙂

  2. I'm so glad that this PC went to this young boy. He isn't able to participate in sports but is now able to join a community of gamers and with that, make new friends and build up great memories. I'm so happy for him. So glad you sat on this PC for so long and gave it away at the right time.

  3. Wow, watching this got me a bit emotional. It really could not be a better match for someone who needs a setup than this 8 year old kid. Awesome video and i hope that both yours and his son will stay as healthy as they can.

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