Illinois Becomes 11th State to Allow Recreational Marijuana

Illinois’ new governor delivered on a top campaign promise Tuesday by signing legislation legalizing small amounts of marijuana …


  1. Cool, greetings from California where pot has been legal here since 2016. Good thing Illinois is stepping up. It doesnt really matter to me i want weed to be legal all over the USA but it doesn't really matter i live in Cali we have the dankest weed in the U.S.A. Heck we are already starting on magic mushrooms it's decriminalized in Oakland and soon Los Angeles. And we are going to do a ballot in 2020 to see if we are gonna decriminalize shrooms in all of California and from the support Oakland got and L.A is getting im pretty sure by 2020 magic mushrooms will be legal all over California

  2. Well they can still fire you for it in Illinois so I really don't call that legal and they think the sky is going to fall and the ironic part it comes from people who used to smoke pot

  3. Your ad for another video is blocking text for almost half of the damn video I'm trying to watch and it cannot be closed… Def not subbing to this annoying trash

  4. Congratulations Illinois. Now anyone with a little knowledge about growing and some money stacked up should be itching from an entrepreneur standpoint.

  5. I live in Seattle wa, it's been legal here for awhile now and guess what? The sky didn't fall. It has generated lots and lots of tax revenue (where is all that money going? ) You can get really good bud for a decent price. People aren't being arrested for marijuana possession anymore. I say legalize it throughout the USA.

  6. The money made off of this billion dollar industry of Cannabis, should most definitely go to Green initiatives, education, and government green cheques for entire population of said state.

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