1. Good work Madam Trevour,most content creators should borrow a think or 2 from your prowess in interviews and the whole package.u make us stick to the phones listening to ur vybs.

  2. Ever hardworking guy have ever known,big up Jalas wherever you're,keep pushing, Keep spinning till end. I know you've made it,but keep showing the world that you can do anything as long as you believe in your ability💪
    LANGATA Is just for the start,but am always praying one day you be the President of this great country of Kenya HEAVY J BABS 👏👏👏👏

  3. Eve you are best… On this interview touched on everything… Thanks for asking jalas whether he is hiring… The answer was on point and clear… Coz l saw this comment on 2mbili TV.. While he did the tour of this place thanks alot keep doing what you are doing waiting for the party…

  4. Thanks jalas for bringing health competition in town,without mentioning the name of that restaurant along kimathi street serves almost what you are serving.. you are a bomb.. Kick it harder

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