1. I agree organic, in Organic & Non-GMO practices, but more importantly, your CBD product needs the THC molecule to create the "entourage effect" for those that are not educated in cannabis look it up. You cannot get this with a Broad Spectrum product, this it will not work, customers will not re-order as they are trying to get serious issues as pain and other things, and it cannot heal the ECS system as it does not have the lock and key to the receptors that need the THC. Only a full spectrum product with the 0.03% legal limit. Even if you took the entire bottle, it will still not get you "high". It is the THC that is needed. A Broad spectrum product was produced to make money off people that think they are going to get high, or for work testing, or because of religious beliefs thats why they created a Broad Spectrum product. But when you extract out all the THC and other important cannabinoids that synergistically work together, you got a crap product period. God created the plant to not be bastardized and extracting all the good stuff that heals. Its misleading.

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