Liberty Beauty Subscription Box April 2022 | The Beauty Drop

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  1. My son did well from this box – hair oil and coffee scrub, I tried the CBD drops but they didn't make any immediate difference but I did have stomach cramps, I may try them again in a week or so. All the other items I am happy with. I just wish there was something by Liberty in there and some make up to add variety.

  2. I cancelled my subscription after the last one. The value sounds good on paper but I found I wasn’t interested in a lot of the samples, so the value wasn’t there for me. Watched the video to double check I hadn’t made the wrong decision, but I wouldn’t have been thrilled about this one either, so thanks! xx

  3. Just curious, is the box reversible? Like the FabFitFun ones are? It’s so pretty. I thought this was great for me, until I remembered I’m on a new medication and am sure I shouldn’t take CBD with it. I’d have loved to try it. Coffee scrub is the devils work, I loathe the mess, but everything else looks wonderful. I can’t decide if I want to try doing this.

  4. I have had this box and the last. This box was really disappointing…..I saw the first box and signed up… looked fab with the make up bag but that’s never been repeated. This box was awful….gave away the drops- I don’t want a CBD oil, I couldn’t ever stomach the perfume eg it wasn’t one you could even just use it up even if you wouldn’t buy it x

  5. I heard of someone drain blocking with a coffee scrub 🤦‍♀️ wow thats some price for those CBD drops ( due to medicine I can’t use anything with cbd ) be very interesting to hear your review what you think ,after a time.
    Always was amazing at Liberty shop when i had a Mini trip to London with my parents ( back in 1980,s) loved looking around
    Seeing all the fabric designs. Etc .
    Not a bad idea 20 pounds safe up for the advent calendar , but for international be interesting to see how that develops
    Seeing we can hardly get many things due to extra custom handling cost ,import 🤔.
    But a nice box to get as a gift 🥰.

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