Lori Vallow Trial Date Set

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  1. Sorry you have to defend your motives after so long Scott! 🀦🀷 IMO DEPP is Done in Hollywood! βœ… Why he won't take responsibility FOR HIS ACTIONS is unknown. Maybe an intervention would have helped, it'd be less embarrassing and expensive for him. Leaves me to think… motive πŸ€” He seems to want to take Heard down… with him, and I personally think she'll have a hard time recovering. I believe the end will be a wash. But closure and counselling is definitely NEEDED.

  2. Mr Reisch, I have a question for you. If the trials are severed because Lori won’t waive her right to a speedy trial, could her attorney then postpone the trial after the cases are separated? And if so does the state have any recourse? I guess what I’m getting at is if this is a legal strategy to have the trials severed, would it work?

  3. I just think it's interesting how everybody feels they need to take a side. Depp and Heard were a married couple with issues on both sides, problem was neither had respect for themselves or for eachother. They married via infatuation of one another, aka lust, none of their actions are love based.
    They would do well to write a book together about dual toxic relationships.

  4. You have to be a member of the royal family to win a case against a British tabloid.Unsubscribe all you want.This was a toxic relationship on both sides.Also,the text about drowning and burning the witch,was a reference to a quote taken from Monty python's holy grail,and Amber's lawyer should have known that,instead of making JD look like a crazed madman on the stand.Should have read the whole text conversation.

  5. I tend to agree that Mr. Depp's testony was painful and I think it ultimately hurt him. I don't think this was a one way street, I think they both were godawful to each other. At the end of the day, this is a shame for them both. I think that what heard was spewing was detrimental to his job, but he was just as harmful.

  6. Thank you for bringing us your information on YouTube. Firstly I am in the UK, I am a Domestic Abuse Victim that has had to stand up in Court against my Sons Father for nearly Killing me, however I have watched over and over again AH's Court Testimonies and they are frankly it is the Worst Acting I have ever seen! Secondly the UK Court "Justice" System is the most Corrupt System and is absolutely shambles so AH winning her Case over here in the UK is probably due to Hush Hush Hand Outs if I am honest!

  7. I'm right on the very same page with you regarding Johnny & Amber. Even though I'm more team Johnny than Amber, I do think he can probably be just as toxic as her. But, I do feel like she was more abusive than he was. But yeah, I'm sure Johnny had times where he was just as provocative as Amber was. She just took it to extremes.

  8. Maybe you could record some episodes on generic law questions for your "busy" days when you don't have time to prepare a current edition. It's such a disappointment not to see your bright smiling face each evening.

  9. Johnny Depp is not an abuser, AH lied and the UK trial was unfair (even the Virginia judge confirmed this)- In addition, Heard's lawyer is seriously misled – the make up she paraded in the court which she stated AH kept in her purse for the entirety of her marriage (which ended in 2016) was only launched in 2017… you make up your mind based on concrete evidence who is lying. Angry/dark text messages to a friend does not equate to DV

  10. Personally, I think Lori did not wave her right to a speedy trial so the case between her and Chad would be severed. Did you see her usual smug look at that point in the video?

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