Marijuana edibles: Everything you need to know

In a second wave of recreational legalization in Canada, cannabis edibles will be permitted for legal sale no later than Oct. 17, …


  1. This isnt talked about alot suprisingly but when you eat it your liver converts it into 11 hydroxy thc a way stronger psychoactive chemical

  2. It the same as drinking too much alcohol!😵

    The first time is always scary after you get sick and throw up but once you get used to shaking off the potency, you get used to it!😄

  3. I am sorry, but 10 mg is far too much for a single serving for edibles, 5 mg is more than I can take today. I am shocked and appalled that this is the informed opinion of the FDA. This is bad practice and potentially a deliberate attempt to undermine the legalization process.

  4. I’ve been experiencing headaches after ingesting 5 mg chewable’s (1) on an empty stomach. Today is much worse. DO NOT INGEST (tincture or edibles) ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! Your body aka blood aka liver seems to need fats and proteins.

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