Marijuana in Canada : Pot Fiction – the fifth estate

Everyone knows that marijuana is illegal. So why does Canada seem to be awash in pot? You can buy it openly in a surprising …


  1. The conservative's prediction that cannabis will never be legalized in Canada is a perfect example of intolerance and ignorance! It also shows how incompetent they are about predicting the future.

  2. I Love weed and I'm living in a small town in new Zealand where there are no shops like this we are still buying weed off our mates 😂 $20 for a gram or 2 .

  3. 1:11 "Drugs will never be legal under our government" What kind of facist statement is that coming from an elected official representing the PEOPLE in a democratic republic!!??…this is the biggest problem in politics…elected officials are supposed to represent the people…not control and deny them their rights to decide whats legal or not and whats best for them.

  4. I've been on/off MJ for long time then I quit it with no problem and a couple years later I had life trouble develope insomnia anxiety my Dr. precribe me benzodiazepine for two years now benzodiazepine ruin my life I'm on benzodiazepine withdraw symptoms so sick suicide thought all the time I don't know what to do now never be like these when on MJ.I mis my life on MJ 😢.

  5. i have a long history of drug abuse of pharmacy artificial drugs like invega risperdol haldol prolixen and other drugs with side effects like involuntary movements that can be cured cured with cannabis … i am going to go to colorado to get the strongest strains of bud i can find to get seeds and smoke home grown from a super closet…..

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