Marijuana Poisoning In Dogs – Dangerous Signs And Treatment

With the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, I thought it was an important time to talk about the signs of marijuana …


  1. I have watched videos and have read many articles on how dogs get high. From ingesting or breathing it. I truly think there is another way. Literally I believe the scent our bodies put out after we smoke, makes them high. I smoke every night before bed, I smoke outside always. My chihuahua within 10 mins is acting weird. I call her devil dog lol, because she turns into a brat. Every night at the same time I'm high. This happens with my chihuahua I have now. The same thing would happen with my last dog Moxy. I call it high through osmosis. Anybody else's dog get high this way??

  2. I was wondering if you could help me out I had maybe just a small amount of delta 8 distilate hit the floor it had paper wrapped around it and I was picking it off but it's been over a week Well over a week and the area had been walked over so sure just the small amount was stuck to the bottom of a shoe we had some old chicken eggs covered in chicken feces and they sat around ten days on top the cage and my deady fed my dog 2 dozen and I won't happy well 2 days later I went to feed him and he refused dry dog food so I fed him a can of spam and 2 cans of tuna but before I bought him in if you could imagine mud mixed with gravy his stool was like that then I took him back out and he was fine all day I can n gave him water went to bed woke up at 3 when I had def him it was approximately 16 hours prior and he would t come out his house so I took him in and he was acting restless and he was getting weaker he was drooling blowing bubbles with salvia his repsonces were ok at this point but as time went on he wouldn't blink when I moved my hand in front of him and his jaws were ceasing up his body temp was low I was giving him Pedialyte gave him a antibiotic and a small dose of wormer through the night only once well he kept getting worse and we rushed him to the vet he appeared to have stomach pains his pupils got really small his gums had felt ice cold all night and he felt cold in general and refused to sleep on the way he was whimpering putting his head on my shoulder and he peed his puppies got small and the vet said he had gotten ahold of a toxin and they said they doubt treatment would help they said to put him down even tryed to surrender him but she said she'd probably make that decision to put him down too so I agreed and when I got him back home I took him out the bad he was in there was blood coming from his mouth and was all inside the bag what on earth coulda caused this could he had possibly had a underlying cause I was unaware of I'd appreciate any info I miss my dog it's terrible

  3. Great video. My 12 week old puppy had a tiny bit, symptoms started after 1 hour. Very wobbly and confused. Hazey eyes etc. The next morning he was absolutely fine…. Been fine all day until late at night and it started again. I guess this is where the THC is being released from the fats again. He was at the vets this time round, I didn't come clean but after watching this video I will tell them everything tomorrow

  4. cannabis has never killed any animals with an ndocannabinoid system wich includes dogs the amount of weed it would take to kill a dog is the same as dying from over eating and is super extrmly unlikely if not impossible the only reason i would go to vet is if it was chocolate

  5. I mean if you feed it weed of course it can cause issues blood pressure and fast heart rate. Getting them actually high isn’t gonna kill them lol so much bullshit you people believe 😂

  6. My dog got into a some brownies and she was fine. If it’s marijuana your dog CAN NOT end up dead or seriously injured. But, Make sure to leave water and food by them for ease of access.

  7. So, this random dog showed up at our door a while ago and just went home and a week later she's back and not going home and she's just chilling in my room while smoke but the second I lit it she ran out of the room and hasn't come back in, is this a sign of something? Maybe her owners are bad with cannabis do it brings up a bad feeling around pot

  8. My dad made a heroic amount of butter and put the leaf after it was strained into the garden. My greyhound whiffed a bit of that and scoffed maybe two handfuls of the stuff. He has a super high metabolism already so 5 minutes later was losing control over its balance, throwing up, and losing its bladder. He was too panicked or awed to move.
    It's been about 30 hours and he's still absolutely barbecued. I'm scared he will get actual brain damage but if he doesn't he's a true pioneer. I don't think a dog has ever eaten this amount of bud before. Will keep this updated, unless I forget.

  9. I felt like I was going to die, and, I recorded it, just in case to be as a warning. IF it effects dogs this way, why not another species like a human, as well?

  10. Please be careful when even giving your dog CBD tincture‘s I purchased a “Papa and Barkley” tincture for my dogs anxiety I was told that it was specifically for dogs however it had THC in it and she got poisoning so always double check that it’s CBD only administering activated charcoal and water now.

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