Marijuana smoke not as damaging to lungs as cigarette smoke

Using marijuana carries legal risks, but the consequences of occasionally lighting up do not include long-term loss of lung …


  1. What is considered low, medium, and high use. Literally useless information when you don’t know the actual research perimeters they’re using to generate their information.

  2. Before consuming cannabis I used to have low IQI used to have a weak immune system I notice every time I would get sick and I consume cannabis the negative effects would go away and I would feel better and that's a fact

  3. I smoke cbd weed not actual thc weed but cbd weed does have small % of thc but point is when I smoke a joint i have to smoke another and another ect I cant stop that shit hurt my lungs I get a little sharp pain when I exhale and in hail but it would only hurt after like 30 breaths in and out so it's not super bad I stop when I feel pain in my lungs/chest but I do have a dry herb vaporizer I just vape my flower it totally helps with my lungs having sharp pains so no more smoking it I love the smoking the smell of it but dry herb vaporizing is the way looks like I need to save up for a volcano lol !

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  5. Lung function gets somewhat better with casual weed smokers because usually with weed they dont chain smoke joints but they do take huge breaths and hold it in. It's like exercising your lungs.

  6. Before I finish this. No matter what anyone stupid scientists says marijuana and cigarettes have no similarities it chemical similarities. They have different chemical compounds and they're form of resin is different. Cigarettes have a tar like gucky material and weed has a less gucky more runny or even more solid form left over but it's different depending on how you smoke it. But either way it is nothing like cigarettes and never will be. God didn't intend for it to be the same, to me it seems like weed was created as the good form of the evil tabacco plant that has been killing people. Even though weed is way different to the way cigarettes are.

  7. Marijuana should be legal cause…
    -nobody has ever died from marijuana
    -it's fuckin awesome and doesn't harm you in any way,shape, or form like cocaine,heroin,tobacco will
    -the government would benefit from this if they taxed it and if they didn't spend billions of our wasted tax dollars on the "drug war"
    -It should just be legal and don't say "your just sayin that cuz your a pothead" well I have only smoked 2times in my life and I see no harm in it
    Legalize It!

  8. Define "occasional". I am more interested in what it does on the brain. There are volumes on this subject. It's an illegal drug for a good reason. Some things are just not good for society as a whole. I would prefer to know that the person driving the AmTrak train I am riding did not indulge in marijuana use.

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