Natural Pain Relief Tips for Passing A Kidney Stone

Learn how to reduce kidney stone pain. Are you experiencing intense pain with the passing of a kidney stone or from a present …


  1. Hi, Daring… Doctor…. My feed back is = I take a whole lemons crushed juice out of it… than two cups of spring water boiled hot with the lemon rimes in the hot water let sit for 10 minutes and drink on empty stomach… Now if there is still pain ( I will eat the flesh of the lemon) and 10 out of 10 times pain goes away. God bless 🤠👍🇺🇸❤️

  2. Dr just had kidney and bladder stone removal last Tuesday and had a ureteral stent inserted as well, causing minor discomfort when voiding and frequency as well, after stent is removed and side effects? Enjoy all your content

  3. Good evening Dr. Gallagher…This is a post I'm needing..My kidney stone's pain is ungodly..I always wondered why my bladder left side pains when my kidney does ..
    Thank you for the information as well remedies for condition..
    Drinking water, hot~ cold pack ..It's not passing

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