Natural Weed Killer Killed HUGE Weed in 8 Hours!

Check out the results from this vinegar natural weed killer. I killed a huge weed in only 8 hours. It is really crazy how fast it works.


  1. It doesn't kill the root. You still need to pull the root out because it will regrow. I use regular strength white vinegar in a sprayer and add salt, I only use it between rocks or in cracks, where it's impossible to use any tool. Safer than glyphosate aka "evil" Roundup.

  2. You never pulled any of the weeds to show us if it kills the root which is the point, correct? You want to make sure it never comes back. Why not pull the weed and spray the vinegar in the hole to kill what remaining root is still there? You do still need to be aware of it killing your surrounding grass though.

  3. So to be clear, vinegar is a broad spectrum contact killer that does not affect the root system. It yields a similar reaction as Dicamba or applying dish soaps which break down the cuticle and kill through exposure. You will observe a fast surface level response of browning and wilting using these and it can be effective for eliminating shallow root plants & weeds but will not effectively kill well established or deep root weeds.

  4. The cost of 45% vinegar will be a lot higher than glyphosate per gallon so your method of application may be to expensive. 😆.
    My concern if if applying will increase acidity of the soil and damage turf and plant. I wonder if can be used to kill weeds that can resist glyphosate but need to use some kind of sprayer that you can target and use the lowest amount possible.

  5. Bad weeds bad weeds, what cha gonna dooo? Whatcha gonna do when Jason comes for you?! Another awesome video idea Jason and thank you for not making me wait until tomorrow to see the results.

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