NCB Gets Shraddha Kapoor-CBD Oil Confession From Jaya Saha After Deepika-'Maal' Chats

JayaShah #ShraddhaKapoor #RepublicTV #RepublicTVLive #LiveTV Jaya Saha, the alleged ‘kingpin’ of the drug racket in …


  1. CBD oil is used for medicinal purposes like anti inflammation, reducing or eliminating seizures, calming, relaxing, sleep aid etc. When it is made from pesticide free cannabis / marijuana. A lot of kids take this for Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder and is an important part of herbal medicine. Guys please educate yourselves on the goodness of CBD.
    THC though is another story ..

  2. Where is aiims report. ….what cbi is doing…where is the coverage from cbi office…. Where is Rohan …when republic camera reach outside cbi office new delhi…..when republic chase cbi for registering fir in Disha case……..justice for ssr ….justice for Disha…….

  3. I cant believe these drugs are easily available !!! They have loads of money for their surgeries skin treatments but they dont have money for a retreat from drugs !!! That shows they wanted to b in this on a purpose !!!

  4. Where are their morals gone
    So ashamed of them
    What eg they are giving to young generation full Bollywood shld be thrown out except actors who are clean and who hve morals
    Maan maryada wale

  5. Us Indians deserve this. We care more about Bollywood than our farmers & economy. Watsapp chats are making headlines than farmer protests. Shame on us audience.

  6. Guys CBD oil is extracted from Cannabis…the same stuff used in Bhaang… don't make CBD as part of your about the real deal..

  7. Who is Jaya Saha? What is her background? From what state does she come from? She looks like a person, who should be in a detention camp. Where is proof she is actually an Indian citizen.

  8. Government has made a deal, brought drug case, so murderers will escape, people are forgetting, ssr murder case will not be solved, no justice, CBI is silent

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