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Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana will have about 100 volunteers collecting signatures at the Snoop Dogg concert on April 20th, before and after the performance as they continue their fight to get the issue on the November ballot.

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana have been hit with a few tragedies and they lack the funding to move forward with a paid signature drive. Several committed donors were unable to continue. One passed away unexpectedly and another was diagnosed with a terminal illness. . Campaign leaders are seeking “angel donors” to support a paid petition drive that would gather the necessary signatures to get the pair of complementary medical cannabis petitions across the finish line.

The initiative petitions require 87,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. The campaign has collected roughly 20,000 on each of its medical cannabis petitions so far. The deadline to submit signatures is July 7th.
State Senator and co-chair of NMM, Anna Wishart, says the campaign is facing a dire reality. “We are at a critical point in the campaign, and we need volunteers and a major donor to get us across the finish line so tens of thousands of Nebraskans who need critical care with their doctor can receive it,” Wishart said.

Crista Eggers, is the Statewide Campaign Coordinator, and also the mom of Colton, 7, who has drug-resistant epilepsy. “If all it took was grit and determination, we would already have this done. It is beyond heart wrenching to think of facing defeat solely because we don’t have enough money. I am just a mom fighting for the life of my child, and for the lives of thousands of other Nebraskans who so desperately need this option. How do we stop fighting? How can we tell dying patients that we just couldn’t get it done,” said Eggers.

The campaign is asking anyone willing to donate to go to or reach out to the campaign at Volunteers are still needed to continue with grassroots signature collection and can go to to request a petition packet from the campaign to collect signatures in their area.

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