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Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana had a group of committed donors to help support their effort to get the issue on the November ballot. Unfortunately, one passed away and another was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Statewide Campaign Coordinator Crista Eggers says they are now running on volunteers to collect the 87,000 signatures by the July 7th deadline. They are still looking for financial backers. And then Snoop Dogg came to Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena Wednesday, April 20th.

Eggers tells KLIN News they tried may ways to get an audience with the rapper but continued to hit brick walls. Eggers says she ended up buying a meet-and-greet pass for after the show.

Eggers says, “It was fast and furious but we did have 30 seconds or so to give his agent a letter, a campaign t-shirt, and he asked for a business card. He has our information. We gave him a quick rundown of what our campaign is facing, a history of our campaign. We hope it can turn into something. Whether it is financial or awareness.”

Snoop Dog made a comment about “getting things legalized” and while it didn’t go further than that, Eggers says he did allude there is something going on for the legalization here. Eggers says she made it clear that there are Nebraskans suffering and she was able to share her story with him about her son who suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy. She also told Snoop Dogg that they need him and need his help.

The campaign is still in need of volunteers to continue with the grassroots signature collection and donations. For more information, click here.

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